What is the Dream Act

The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, also known as the Dream Act, is a bi-partition bill introduced to Congress in 2001 and reintroduced in 2009 by Utah (R) Senator Orion Hatch and Illinois (D) Senator Richard Durbin created to help youths brought the United States by undocumented parents as children who are now graduating from High School not only find a path to citizenship for themselves, but also be allowed to continue their education into college and beyond.

To qualify for the DREAM Act an applicant must adhere to several very strict guidelines that include the following:
-The applicant must have entered the United States prior to their 16th birthday.
-The applicant must have been in the United States for at least 5 consecutive years prior to the bill passing.
-The applicant must have graduated from High School, obtained a GED or currently be enrolled in College, a Trade School or another type of Institution for Higher Learning.
-The applicant must currently be 30 and under at the time they are applying.
-The applicant must have good moral standing (no previous or current convictions).

With all of those requirements met and The DREAM Act is passed (its currently one vote short) a person will be granted a temporary, conditional allowance to remain in the Untied States for up to 6 years provided they follow the next set of guidelines.

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  1. Amy says:

    My husband was brought into the country at he age of 3. he’s currently in an immigration prison and scheduled to be deported next week. He is 29 years old, no diploma or GED, and no felony criminal history. How can this law help of hurt our case.

    • Balbir Arora says:

      Amy, your husband meets all guidelines set forth under Dreams Act except one that he is not being either high school diploma or GED which doesn’t make a sense to me. Have your husband enroll either into high school diploma or private GED courses and apply under Dreams Act hopefully it will work for him.

      • erika says:

        hi.. what about my case, i came here when i was 16 almost 17 but i did graduated from high school i got everything . my only problem is that i came a little late !! do you think they can give me a chance /?

        • John McGinn Jones says:

          I think they should bend the rules for you as well as everyone else in the USA. I don’t want to pay my taxes, do you think they should bend the rules and not make me pay?

      • poeple says:

        Wow that is like so horrible.

    • hidden says:

      Your husband can still apply without going to school. There is a special exception and I have cut and pasted it to this post.
      (A) IN GENERAL- The Secretary of Homeland Security may, in the Secretary’s discretion, remove the conditional status of an alien if the alien–
      (i) satisfies the requirements of subparagraphs (A), (B), and (C) of paragraph (1);
      (ii) demonstrates compelling circumstances for the inability to complete the requirements described in paragraph (1)(D); and
      (iii) demonstrates that the alien’s removal from the United States would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to the alien or the alien’s spouse, parent, or child who is a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

      • Angelo says:

        Hidden, where did you obtained the exception hardship. Could you please provide the link. My wife came to the US when she was 16 and 3 months old. I am wondering if there is an exception for that age?
        Thank you

        • John says:

          Hi @Angelo. Did you ever get a reliable answer to your question? My friend came to the U.S. 2 days after her 16th bday and we would also like to know if there is any exception.

          • Jesús says:

            Can I apply for dream act.
            I came when I was almost 17 but I do have all those requirement
            Can I still apply or not :(
            I’m under 30
            Came in 2003
            Finish high school and I got diploma
            Also got medallion.
            Also got recognition
            No criminal record
            I even when to college for almost 3 years but
            I couldn’t afforded no more :(

      • Michael says:

        Thats not correct. That exception is not contained in the DACA guidelines.

    • travis says:

      well thats good about time america actually catches the fucking illegal immigrants go back to wear you came from and live over there

      • stephany says:

        well you stupid bitch us MEXICANS are here to work,go to school, and have better lives then all you white trash that live off welfare and food stamps…..who can’t afford food but can afford tattoos, alcohol, drugs oh yeah and cigarettes.. and by the way its spelled where not wear… perfect exaple we go to school to learn.. no wonder your race is so frustrated we are taking all the jobs :)

        • Shelly says:

          I was brought here since I was 5 years old and went to elementary and middle school but did not finish high school but I am planning to get my ged can I still apply

          • Rita says:

            Follow the directions below to prepare for Deferred Action, which is an opportunity for you to get a work permit for you and your wife. Per our conversation yesterday, a work permit allows you to get a social security card and driver’s license.

            Personal Documents for Your Deferred Action “Dream Act” Application

            Begin preparing these personal documents for your Deferred Action application. Deferred Action is a work permit type of application. Below are the documents that you will need to prove your case.

            1. Birth Certificate

            2. Documents proving that you have been in living in America :

            - Report Cards

            - Awards

            - Student IDs

            - Immunization Records

            - Tax Returns

            (any of these documents will do)

            Make sure you have documents for every year you have lived in America .

            You need to prove that you came to America before 16 and have been living here since then.

            3. Two passport photos

            4. High School Diploma or GED (if you are graduated)

            5. School Records showing you are in school (if you have not graduated)

            In addition, attached in this email is a client questionnaire form for you to fill out. Simply download the attachment and type out your information.

            If you have any questions, feel free to call our offices at 714-271-9575


            Rita Garcia

          • Raul Alcibar says:

            Rita on behalf of all the Students you have helped at Santa Ana College, we would like to thank you!!! Must of us were unsure if we quilified to apply. you provided excelent and unexpensive service. Thank you so much.

          • Guillermo Rodriguez says:


            My wife and I would like to Thank you again for helpig us with our application. We both have now the oportunity to continue with our carrers, going back to collage is our dream… THANK YOU AGAIN

          • Marcos Mosconi says:

            Rita Garcia, On behalf of the Brazilian Community Church, We would like to thank you office for providing excelent service to our youth community, thank you for the support.




          • Sylvia Jimenez says:

            Gracias Rita por ayudarnos con nuestra solicitud, pasamos 4 horas formados con los servicios gratuitos que ofresen por television, al final nos dijeron que no estaban seguros si mis hijos calificaban.

            Gracias por preparar nuestra aplicacion rapidamente y por motivar a mis dos hijos para que no dejen de estudiar.

            Que Dios la llene de vendiciones y otra vez mil gracias.


            La Familia Jimenez

          • Pastor Ron says:

            Rita Garcia, on behalf of the Brazilian Community Church, we thank you for all the time you dedicated to help our students. We are sending you blessinga and thank you again to your office and staff.

            Pastor Ron

          • shelly,

            you smell like salad

            nvm just go eat salad

          • ms diamonds says:

            Fuck Dream Act and you mexicans…What happen to American Dream?

          • sandra says:

            yes you can all you need is to enroll on a GED school and proof that you are in school.

        • Whatajoke says:

          Ur taking all the jobs cus ur cheap labor and company’s don’t have to pay taxes, workers comp, overtime or insurance on u

          • Vivi says:

            Nope it’s because we are MUCH more dedicated to what we do and we actually demonstrate what we learn in school and you know what i have better things to do than to be looking at what unintelligent people like you say so bye.

            DEDICATED TO Whatajoke <3

          • neckface says:

            your lack of respect and just plain selfishness is quite repulsive. must really suck to have so much hate over your own kind(humans). but i know what this, its attention seeking only because you don’t receive attention at home, yet your living the easy life. while us aliens who like humans have the right to live an equal life are made to be in our own home aliens and have to fear leaving the ones we love just because we papers. so there you go, you got your fame but don’t worry we aliens will now be able to hire people like you to fix our toilets.

          • Chuck101 says:

            Hey its not our fault you can’t maintain a job
            Go back to your mommy you little baby

          • your the fucken joke says:

            your the fucken joke why are you even worried about mexicans are you intimidated by us or what your probably some lazy fucker whos parents support you with no fucking job and for your information we do pay taxes you moran theres ways for illegals to pay taxes so get a fucken life and a job if you dont have one and stay the fuck off our buisness….

          • Leslie says:

            Your grammar says a lot.

          • colombiana says:

            you do know that most of work that immigrants do are a big portion of this countries economy, and if this “cheap workers” as you referred were to get deported , this country would most likely go bankrupt, and that is only because this people are more capable to do labor work that most asswipes like you dont do. :)<3

        • Felicia says:

          Your reply made you no better than that person. First of all, All White American’s are not uneducated, living on welfare and do drugs. There are A LOT OF AMERICAN’S WHO STOOD UP FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. So I really do think for you to lump everyone into one pool is about as ignorant as would be for American’s to lump all Immigrates into one pool. People who think like you, is why we have so much racialism in our world. So much violence!! God created all of the Human Race, one is no better than the other. Yes, some are financially better off but in the grand scheme of things, we are all “Just Human’s and are all created equally” I hope that you change your view’s. May God Bless you and your family

          • Ozkar says:

            Hi , I’m an illegal ,
            I do like what you explained .
            To me their is not white or black or brown …
            To me it’s only two :
            Intelligent and mediocre.
            A lot of mediocre Mexicans and a lot of intelligent Mexicans and so with white ppl.

          • Ivanb says:

            Nice thinking !!

          • Marilyn says:

            We are all created equal some of us will have better lives than others due to logistics, but it’s no reason to persecute each other over such ignorance and silliness!
            Can’t we all just get along? Love and be loved?
            God Bless us all, and God Bless America!!!

          • Nice USA Citizen says:

            I agree with your comment. Thanks You Felicia.
            There’s one thing I do not understand. Why do Aliens come here to the USA or Canada. or even Europe? Why can’t they stay in the country where they were born, and use their SNARTS to BETTER their own country? Change their own country for the best. Do what us “White’s” (as they call us) did when our founding fatherw came here. If our Founding Fathers, Prayed- seeked God – THEY can do the same. America at one time was a slow growing country. Indians weren’t doing NOTHING to improve this land. so OUR FOUNDING FATHERS SACRAFICED a Lot for us. (I am White-Spanish) & a Christian- I do not want to make anyone feel Bad, or Hurt Feelings. However, every country speaks English – why can’t Mexicans & Central – South Americans do the same? Ask us for teachers from here (USA) to help them learn the English Language. Help their own people. and with God’s help SUCCEED. Granted we are all human Beings – Granted God loves all of us. And Granted if God helped THE WHITES’s – HE TOO will help them.And we could be good neighbors and help each other. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD “OUR CREATOR”

        • days says:

          Well said Stephany! well said… :)

          • Liss says:

            Its quite sad to see our kind (humans) go at each others throat over stupid reasons; rather than disrespecting each other be proud to live in the US, whether you are ilegal or not, because at the end of the day we are all equal.

          • marge says:

            What about all the Americans who have worked so hard to earn and maintain their citizenship? Seemsto me this is almost reverse discrmination. It is unfortunate that children who were initially brought here illegally were brought here due to circumstances beyond thier control. However.that is a risk their parents took when they brought their children here illegally in the first place. They broke the law to begin with. If we as Americans break the law, we are not given a break. Why should illegal immigrants be granted special treatment when they came here illegally in the first place??? I don’t get it…..

          • H... says:

            “Nice USA citizen” what you are saying sounds wonderful if the world actually worked that way. Unfortunately, what our “founding fathers” did on the way to building up this country was to steal land from others…mostly Mexican. Many of our now US territory was stolen from Mexico. That is one of the sad things about the USA. We take what we want from
            Other countries to make ours more profitable. I actually wrote an essay regarding this issue during my undergraduate studies. However, one of the great things this country does have is a justice system and “equal” rights. Most people come here because it is nearly impossible
            For them to be successful in their own country. Remember that USA is unique in the manner that it actually has a system in place where people can educate themselves and improve the world they love in. That is not the case for many other countries such as Mexico. People risk their lives to come here because that means that their family might be able to eat, they can send their children to PUBLIC school (because unlike here, public school isn’t free so no money means no school). And let’s not forget our own backgrounds! Where are we from? How did our family get here….look up your family history and see where they came from and try to find the answer why? Why did our ancestors come here? Was it because their home countries provided them with the opportunity to succeed? Or a good education? Or a way to simply feed themselves? Probably not or else America would not be what our “founding fathers” built. Unless you are native Americans….we all come from a family of immigrants.

        • M.o. says:

          Hahaha you tell him and those others that decide to not comprehend what we as Mexicans are suffering. However, keep your cool and don’t use fowl language, you and I will always be much better than these hillbillies :)

          • Heather says:

            Ok, I wasn’t planning on adding to this, but using the term “hillbillies” isn’t right to me. That is a way of life that shouldn’t be thought of as a bad thing. “Hillbilly” and “redneck” are the same thing, and I consider myself one, it’s just a southern, down-home, way of life that other’s don’t understand so they decide to “knock” it and make it into a bad thing. Being “amish” isn’t bad, neither is being a “hillbilly”. and to all of the people that are commenting in an uproar about things that urk them, calm down. I’m not a fan of people not speaking English in AMERICA when it is the primary language we speak, but I’m not going to go out on a rampage about it in a completely unrespectful way. Specially since, the reason I get so upset about it is because I find it disrespectful, esspecially when people decide to not even attempt to learn the language. There are all different points to look at, and views to consider, I just hope this act has considered them all and come out with a good outcome.

        • Tom says:

          I don’t know what the deal is there are only two types of immigrants legal and illegal it’s cut and dry if you haven’t came to the US legally then you are an illegal and all of this laws giving special treatment for a criminal group it’s a slap in the face to all of the LEGAL immigrants. Period and I don’t care if you are Mexican swedish Jewish or any other illegal ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL.

        • vinny says:

          actually im white and i work with all mexicans at la fogata. i work harder than every single one of them. so mexicans new generation are some bums and none of them go to college. cause their soooo lazy. so mexican girl dont ever judge a hole race its not right.

        • stepha-knee
          you smell like ceasar salad

        • sofia says:

          Stephany, in fact you are right many mexican students in my highschool are in the top 8% of my class. And students i know who judge us mexicans will never enroll to a higher education but they will for sure keep thinking that they are better.

        • kenny says:

          shut up! first, im not white but you sound just like those “white trash”s right now. this act is gona hurt about 97% of the mex. pop. most of you have records and cant get a diploma anyway. and yea you mexicans do labor hard and long just like my simple minded dog. makes me mad my parents, 30 yrs ago, had to work and go thorough the long hard process for citizenship in this country not just by obtaining a ged or diploma and being a “good boy”

        • cody says:

          This is not a matter of race all people can be bad no matter what color u are theres good people in every color. I dont mind anyone coming over here to better thereself But do it the RIGHT WAY.. my uncle is mexican and im white but he did it the right way and OBTAINED a CITIZENSHIP please doin the wrong will only make ur life worse just do the right thing

        • Cai says:

          The people that act like that are no different then mexicans that act that way. It is not one race, it does not matter the race. It matters on what that ONE FUCKING PERSON decides to do with their life or their money. If they don’t want to make a big shot out of themselves then so be it. But no matter the race we can all act like idiots at some point in time and get what ever tattoo I so please. Thank you and goodbye

        • Lilalienangel says:

          You are just reinforcing the stereotype that Mexicans are crude and undisciplined. Congrads on your contribution to society. Please listen to the song The Poverty of Philosophy by Immortal Technique. Open you mind and see the big picture.

        • Lynnea says:

          White Trash? How racist are you? If you don’t like us
          GO BACK TO MEXICO.

        • ash says:

          this is so sad to see and makes me disgusted for humanity! making jabs snd anyones race is a childish way of fixing the problem! we are all human beings and it is horrible to see the world we ive in with such ignorance! i truly believe doomsday is rught around the corner for the humanrace because we no longer deserve this precios gift of life that god gave us! atleast i know i will do whwt i can to appreciate our creator and amconfident on my judgement day! my god bless u all

        • David says:

          It’s example lol. Talking about all whites doesn’t make you any better then the person who talked about you. By the way 76 percent Hispanics use the welfare system where Iam from.

        • dianna says:

          There is a big difference between being here legally and illegally. l have no qualms with someone who follows the rules and enters this country the RIGHT way. Those who are willing to break the law and enter this country ILLEGALLY are probably willing to engage in some other illegal activities as well. We don’t need any criminals here, we have plenty already!

        • Pat says:

          Come to white mans land and say where trash…. Whats wrong with you!!!!! You come and we share what we create that your country could not. Why did you assume the guy was white he could of been black? If it wasn’t for the whites that fought the other whites to allow you to come here then you wouldn’t be here….The whites are being attack from all end so maybe that why we act the way we do. Because asshole like you. We give an inch and you fuckers run with it. We vote an Hispanic in to be part of our government system and you guys are destroying it. Pretty soon America will be just like Mexico you fuckers are doing a very good job.

          How dose that make you feel? I’m for one a hard worker trained and worked with Mexicans. Just so you know if you like America it was a system created by white men. We all live by the same rules and that is our Contusion. So before you go blaming the white man as a whole just remember you live by our rules.

        • Pat says:

          Come to white mans land and say where trash…. Whats wrong with you!!!!! You come and we share what we create that your country could not. Why did you assume the guy was white he could of been black? If it wasn’t for the whites that fought the other whites to allow you to come here then you wouldn’t be here….The whites are being attack from all end so maybe that why we act the way we do. Because asshole like you. We give an inch and you fuckers run with it. We vote an Hispanic in to be part of our government system and you guys are destroying it. Pretty soon America will be just like Mexico you fuckers are doing a very good job.

          How dose that make you feel? I’m for one a hard worker trained and worked with Mexicans. Just so you know if you like America it was a system created by white men. We all live by the same rules and that is our Constitution. So before you go blaming the white man as a whole just remember you live by our rules.

        • Kerick Walters says:


        • juan says:

          thank you, your soo right …..

        • dark xopher says:

          You are an idiot. The reasons mexicant’s are used for work is to drive the wages down. Which you fuckers come in and don’t pay any taxes, no business licensing, and collect welfare. You trash our communities wave a Mexican flag and bitch when REAL Americans try to tolerate your animal like behaviour. Enough is enough. The education you brag about having was aid for by the guy you just belittled. He probably had to drop out to compete with the lazy ass Mexicans. You can try to sell me on mexican’ts being hard working I have hired many and almost every single one were the laziest, slowest employees I have ever had. I do want to visit your world sometime though, sounds great. To bad I live in reality.

        • Tyler says:

          Wait a second Stephany. What he said is stupid this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are all immigrants from somewhere but when you talk like that sounds like your just as bad as him. I am white never been on any govenment aid have no tattoos and don’t do any drugs. I think this act is a good start but we need even more reform. People that have been living here and in good standing deserve a chance regardless of age.

        • Kyle says:

          hey why don’t you just go back to where ever you came from and stop talking shit about people that were born here. i don’t like that all the god damn immigrants are able to come over here and collect welfare and get free schooling and shit that is totally wrong. they should be giving the schooling to people that were born here not some border crossing peace of shit that just wants free stuff!!

        • bamabych says:

          Are you kidding me with this shit?Mexicans are this biggest drain on America right now.So many getting food stamps and wic and never paid a damn dime in taxes…not to mention that they have their stupid mexican husbands working and not paying any taxes,but they can sure spend $100.’s every weekend buying beer and cigs that they cant even pronounce the name of.At least any american getting help from OUR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has paid in taxes at some point ,so at least they deserve the help more than a family with 10 freaking illegal kids.You and all the people on here are whining oh,”do you think i can get help” wow why should our country pay for anything for you??? WE are the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS…anyone here that is not legal is breaking the law,and yet you’re still here.Not only are you still here,but you are asking for a hand out.Our country is not in good shape right now,and we are expected to take care of everyone else,just because they cant stand their own country.It’s crap and should not happen ever.

          • hgerm says:

            You don’t like how all of the illegal immigrants are a drain on society? Then provide them a path to become legal, contributing members of society!! That’s what the DREAM Act is; you realize this isn’t a forum on how to receive TANF or food stamps, right?

          • Fyi says:

            You cannot apply for food stamps when are an illegal that is a service provided to residents and citizens. You can request food stamps for your children regardless of your legal status if they are citizens. The WIC program is privately funded it is not subsudized by the government. For those who are worried because they believe they are supporting illegal immigrants you can sleep comfortably tonight. It is actually the other way around. Although a person is working illegally the government takes from their check what is due in taxes. Illegal immigrants will not receive social security benefits and they pay for it. Thanks to that money that is saved, social security benefits are still available. For those who are wondering I am an American citizen and in case you want to know my father was a resident and so was my grandfather. Please save your insults because my great grandfather had a passport and before that the U.S. was still Mexico. So give your opinion but first check your source. The Hispanics or Latinos or whatever you want to call yourself maybe you should learn a little about respect. If you plan to walk around this country calling people white trash, etc, you have a long road to travel. You want respect, then offer it to others in return without bringing race into the picture. We are here to stay, so everyone just needs to get along with each other because that is how you make a country stronger.

        • Kim says:

          @stephany…..you must not have learned to spell either….so busting on someone else and calling us racist, first check YOUR spelling Example is spelled correctly not the way YOU spelled it, DA

        • Hidden says:

          its example fyi

        • Stephen says:

          Hahaha best thing I’ve read all day! Let me love you.

        • Beverly says:


          • Joe says:

            Wait ameerica i what it is thanks to the fathers of it, rockefeller, jp morgan and carneige, no because a stttupid av..erage american caucasan, by the wway am illegal pay taxes and make over 365 yearly and i know howto manipulate and take advantage of ,because americans had never had known what real life is, there always be dummies and brilliants, regardles the race or color….

        • Josh says:

          well first of all don’t make you comment towards all white people because not everyone is like that and don’t think becuase there is stereotypes about mexicans taking all the jobs that it means your race doesn’t do drugs or slack off we are equal and we all have our problems.

        • Gd says:

          Haha u went hard lol esta bien im glad most student will be able to do more in this country
          All my latinos keep it up and do our best to show that we deserve to be here

      • fuck gringos says:

        suck my mothaaafuking diiiccccckkkk bic boooiiiii

      • Cookie Monster says:

        Go back to fucking mexico. Youre goin to over populate the United States

      • Dcastro454 says:

        U sound like one of them silver spoon daddy’s boy bitches. Fuck you hater.

      • Katherine says:

        Travis your ignorance and bad speling saddens me, i cant believe a human being can have so much hatred for someone just like themselves… Im 100% sure immiagrants out here are doing many more things than u ever will in your life maybe people like you should leave this country instead… :)

      • Vivi says:

        Travis you just hatin’ really hard. Your just jealous just like how Stephanie said. HAHAHAHA

      • Edward says:

        “Wear” or do you mean “WHERE”? At least us Mexicans have the knowledge to spell correctly and to use proper punctuation! So much for being a U.S citizen who doesn’t know how to spell. You should be ashamed that a Mexican can school you!!!!

        • JD says:

          Then why do not have citizenship if your so smart?

          • days says:

            DJ… use your brain! you don’t get citizenship for being smart, if that were the case many of “us” would not have one… LOL. you are silly

        • All idiots says:

          your all taking this way to far lmao… and as for all the guys bad mouthing immigrants they’re probably kids because its extremely immature. Immigrants built this country to its feet, as once upon a time the only people who actually lived here weren’t even white. NATIVE AMERICAN. But its very entertaining to read you meaningless opinions :)

        • Chris says:

          Sorry Edward, but your missing a period after the S in U.S., glad you are better at grammar and punctuation than the rest of us.

        • J says:

          If Mexicans are so smart and speak English fluently then why are there signs written in fucking Spanish ALL OVER Home Depot every time that I go inside? Why is the voter ballot also printed in Spanish? Why are the forms are the DMV in Spanish as well as English? Maybe it’s because very few Mexicans that come over to the US ever try to learn English, at least to a proficient level. Instead, you expect people to pander to your stupidity and waste tons of time, paper, and money on extra materials to accommodate your dumb asses.

          • Martha o says:

            Why argue and throw each other unnecessary racist comments when in reality, Mexicans had most of now United states of america and was unfairly taken away. perhaps you should all do some historical investigation and think before you write such hateful comments like that. And if you want to talk about spelling or grammar, everybody makes mistakes, English language is the hardest language to learn because of their “rules”. how about you guys get some books and become educated about what is going around “your land”.
            If you guys are so hurt because LATINOS( not just Mexicans) are taking over your education and jobs, you should take a look at the amount of people that are citizens of the U.S. they have a free education up to high school and cant even seem to take advantage of the opportunity.
            I live in south central,Los Angeles. Im undocumented and it saddens me that teens and even adults don’t take advantage of what is being given to them by their so love government but hate on Hispanics because we are trying to succeed in life?

          • Cindy says:

            racist bastard!!! Idk if your aware of this but USA is a multicultural country & Nobody in this country has the right to be racist against anyone cause I’m sure your some type of mix everyone is so shut the fuck up Germans Italians Mexicans Europeans Cubans pr And more.

            AND MEXICANS ARE NOT!!!!!!! The only Hispanic “RACE”. AsSholes

      • puttini verga says:

        fuck u and yo mama

      • vanessa says:

        look u idiot if u wld spend more time getting to knw us MEXICANS insted of getting drugd up all the time u wld knw tht we are here to have a better future its not our fault tht ur too lazy or to busy standing in the foodstamp line instead of lookin for a job unlike us we dont need help we fight to survive and we’ll keep on fighting against ignorant people like u we are all human peel ur skin off nd see tht we are all the same on the inside so stop ur crying nd go look for a job insted of critizing us MEXICANS………….

      • JAIME says:


      • carlos says:

        Proud to be ,Mexican, lil bitch ass

      • Lucia says:

        Not only are you dumb for posting on a page that is trying to allow illegal immigrants to stay contrary to your post but you also cannot write. You should of written “where” NOT “wear.”

      • Chris says:

        Wow! Being an American, it is such an embarrassment to have ignorant uneducated idiots like yourself posting such an ill written comment. You are an embarrassment to this country!!!!

      • Amber says:

        “Wear” means like you wear clothes, you meant WHERE!! You speak as if you have no ancestors that migrated here. By the way, I’m sure you are one of those people who complain that WE TAKE YOUR JOBS, well work as hard as we do and you don’t have to worry about that!! Enjoy your wellfare that I’m paying for.

        Have a blessed day!

      • Evelyn says:

        How does it feel to be an American and not know proper grammar?
        Many of these dreamer are better educated than you are. Do us a favor and please grab a book and learn a thing or two because you really need it.
        Wear= to wear a jacket
        WHERE= where they belong

      • DNino says:

        Wear? lmfao You spelled where wrong you nescient cunt

      • sharion says:

        It takes a big person to use the language you use. I hope that when you need something it will not be a mexican who provided it or when you are in a wreck and need assistance that it will not be an illegal who helped you. Because I am sure you would rather be dead.

      • Veronica says:

        Wow…. ignorant asses like you are the type of people who don’t deserve to be called Americans!!!!!! You dont know anything about these undocumented immigrants!!!!!!!

      • josee says:

        Jaja shut the fuck up you stupid racist bitch and look at you cant even spell and you talkin trash about immigrants

      • Ariana says:

        You have a very nasty mouth and need to learn how to spell,idiot! Be nice to people!!!!!!

      • Lilalienangel says:

        You are just reinforcing the stereotype that Americans are ignorant and selfish. Congrads on your contribution to society. Mexico is one of the nations that have historically been beaten down and the people still paying the consequences. Please watch the documentary Which Way Home and you will understand my point better. The dream act helps people who have overcome the odds and managed to get an education. People who have lived as an American.They would become taxpaying citizens. There is no question that there are not enouph jobs in our country. Please, think, does the blame lay on the people who are educating themselves and attemting betterment? I think more blame lies in the fact that people can work their fingers to the bone and still not have enouph meanwhile a fortunate very few make scandalus deals to lline thier pockets.

      • kris says:

        fuck off your ancestors I am sure are not native american nor Mexican so go back where u can u fuck face bastard

      • Ash says:

        First of all, Get educated. “well thats good about time america actually catches the fucking illegal immigrants go back to wear you came from and live over there”
        1. thats? that’s*
        2. america? America*
        3. wear? Where*
        and oh God, I really do not have the time to explain to you all of your grammar errors. Very disappointing. People like you is the reason United States is falling behind in education compared to Europe and Asia. Ignorant. I highly doubt that the US will be able to function with all these immigrants doing what you white people should be doing instead of living of welfare… So please do us a favor if you do not have any good/validated information to share, do not comment.


        • Catherine Lewis says:


          From now on, may I suggest writing your posts in Word first? Use spell check and then go after the idiots who think they know the language but really don’t. Wish I could write this privately; I don’t mean to embarrass you. Dictionary.com is my best friend. I keep it open when I write. :-)

      • nicole says:

        Wow. This site makes me extremely sad to see all of the hate and ignorance shown by BOTH Americans and Mexicans and whoever you are. I am an american and moved to a foreign country at the age of 22 to pursue my dream of learning a foreign language and culture. I went through so much red tape and after my 4 years spent there trying to get a work visa as a responsible, educated young woman can relate to how hard it is to be a foreigner in ANY country. I would however like to say that I learned that langauge FLUENTLY and recently moved back to the US AND found a job here that will utilize that skill. It deeply frustrates me and I find it completely disrespectful for ANY foreigner to move to ANY country and not learn that countries language. Look what I was able to accomplish? I do not think we should be so easy to give just anyone the right to citizenship or the ability to work in our country. I respect the country I was living in, in that they want to first and foremost help their citizens. It’s sad to say, but a lot of illegal immigrants or children of illegal immigrants (NOT JUST MEXICANS) become our fruit pickers, cleaners, gardeners, nail stylists and such. I myself as a foreigner worked EVEN harder than the citizens to prove myself and learn there language. I believe that any foreigner should do the same and have to work for their right to become a part of a country not their own. Unfortunately we rely on illegal immigrants or again, children of illegal immigrants to do the jobs that a lot of Americans are not willing to do – we rely on this! Sad but true!! Isn’t it better that we give immigrants the opportunity to learn English, work legally and pay taxes, and then they must pass a test and prove their fluency in English? Unless Americans are willing to do these jobs, help foreigners who are by making it easier for them to be legalized, PAY taxes, and make sure they care enough to learn English. Just my two cents as an educated american who knows what it is like to try to make it in a foreign country.

      • Taylor says:


        For the love of God, do not type like a typical uneducated moron and actually take time to fix your common errors before pressing “post comment”. You have to be kidding me, people having a serious conversation and then I read a comment from someone who can’t even differentiate between wear and where..

      • Mike1986 says:

        Many USA citizens think that the Mexican people closs the border but what this people doesn’t understand that the border closs us .if you this people check the 1952 mad they will stop talking shh this land was one day Mexican and what I see now we are more Mexican in here and this land will be hours

      • Catherine Lewis says:

        Travis, Put yourself in the shoes of an immigrant, if you have the mental capacity to do so. How would you like to run into “you” and the hate “you” spew as you struggle your way out of abject poverty, struggle with a new language, struggle through high school, and struggle to find a job?

        Do you know any immigrants, personally? Have you taken the time to really know even one? I am a therapist and have worked with a wonderful young man for six years. He was near despair, almost ready to give up his dream of becoming a chemist, when he first came to me.

        I have never seen such a hard-working person in my entire 65 years. He studied day and night, had a tutor at the JC and another at night (at his expense), worked a part-time job, practiced and practiced, and practiced some more. His grades went from D’s and F’s to B’s and C’s. He became a U.S. citizen and graduated from the junior college. He is now studying at a university. He is of sound moral character and a strong work ethic. I am unbelievably proud of this young man. I have come to love him like a son; in fact, I would be proud if he were my son.

        One more thought, if I might. If you are not 100% Native American (Indian, so you know what I mean), your family tree, your ancestors who first came to America, were immigrants!

        So, Travis, before you speak so eloquently again about a group of people about which you know nothing, personally, hold your tongue – or your keyboard. And for heaven’s sake, will you please learn the English language?!

      • DAS says:


      • angel says:

        learn how to spell, take a history class, then make a commnent!

      • Adriana says:

        Well “travis” I am not an “American” but I can sure use the correct word in a sentence. You said “go back to WEAR you came from…….honey the correct word was WHERE…you dumbass!!!!! I think you need the English class not me!

      • Betty says:

        Travis,I can understand your anger but you are not god to judge because you are not in there shoes,and talking about your moment!!!!let me tell you something,your family came from other country to,don’t forget this country belongs to the native american indians,and remember to!!many states of this country used to be part of the mexican country,get a book and educated your self,mexicans and native indians are not complaining for what immigrants like your family members did to them and land and country,yes this is the country of opportunities the golden dream,but one thing you don’t know is,they are illegal yes but the government give them a pin number like the SS # to file and pay taxes,yes some take advantage of the system like those women in welfare I don’t agree with the american system in my opinion,if they want kids they need to work and provide not just pop them like rabbits,but most of them do the harder work for minimum wages with out benefits and over time paid,I have seen it,last week my friend hire a contractor to do a concrete work and other things,the contractor is white and he had a lot of guys from el salvador and guatemala for him he was verbally abusing them slavering them for about $6 and hour from morning till dusk some people don’t realized how hard they work for almost nothing and they don’t complain like some white fox do,just think about one thing???what do you think it will happen??if all the illegal aliens are back from where ever they came from?? It will be no food at the restaurants all the people in the kitchen are immigrants no mater if the restaurant is chinese american italian japanese or other,it will be no fruits and vegetables at the markets to eat,no babysitters no house cleaners no gardeners no construction workers,are you going to work and do all the hard work they do??I am sure your answer is no,I think we are not in the old days where the KKK members sacrifice and haunted people because they believe they were better,we are all humans we all feel and have the same color blood in our bodies no matter what color or race we are on the end of the day we are going to die why hate??? I am going to tell you a story,,,I come here married to a us,citizen at the age of 16th my family had passed away I was orphan and I had no body my husband at the moment bring me here against my will,illegally I crossed the border with about 40 people we were only 3 females I was one of them I don’t know were we were but some american guys were hiding and they come to as with guns we were r
        ape and beat,and they stole what we had some got killed in cold blood they put a gun in my four head to kill me I really wanted to die after what they did to me,I begged them to do me the favor to take me out of my misery,but they didn’t,they were americans like you,who hate for no reason,who destroy lives with out thinking all the pain the cause,they started shooting at every body we started running I run non stop I wanted to see a immigration officer so bad to come and help me I enter a field full of trees if was very foggy I got lost I walked and walked I was alone I don’t know that happened to the rest of the people,I walked for so many days I ended some where in the desert I was hungry thirsty and very cold the sand was to deep it was very hard to walk many snakes one bite me in my middle finger I sucked the venom with my mouth I had very high fever and my hand was smelling very bad it was decomposing from the infection the days I walked lost I saw so many people who had died hopping to reach the american dream,and got lost and died,some people don’t realize why people come here our country’s are so corrupted the government give us no choice,I am sure if you had no food no job and kids to feed you will do the same to survive and save your kids from hunger,when I found a road a taxi stop and helped me and save my life,I told my husband what had happened he hated it me and beat me up,the time I stay with him I was rape by him and beat up till I passed out cover with blood,when I turned 18 I abandon him and move to the park I was homeless I had no body I was race in a good home with family values my uncle was the best president of mexico his name was lazaro cardenas,I never told any one this story but me a illegal alien I have saved many american lives I have a rare blood type and I am a regular blood donor and I give my red cells for people with cancer and I saved one life with my bone marrow that one little person is the son of a woman who hates mexican and illegal aliens just like you,I did it from the bottom of my heart with out getting paid for that,the question is,where is why americans didn’t save those lives???maybe we come here for a good purpose. But negative people like you won’t understand and never will I pray for people like you,I feel sorry for you

      • erick says:

        at some point everyone was an immigrant why so racist?
        i was born in mexico brought when i was months old now I’m 20 high school graduate and still proudly i would say I’m mexican, yeah go ahead call me an alien, beaner, immigrant but at the end ill still be one proud mexican. why even waste my time talking about how stupid white people are or how filthy blacks are theres no point, the point is us the ”illegal immigrants” came here to succeed to work without any buts wiping the sweat off our foreheads to move forward with our families and even after working so many years still getting minimum wage some struggle with no complain…

        this page is full of racism comments mostly from teens which most likely have parents who own a company or a business that the majority or their workers are illegal immigrants or probably some older guy who pretty much has nothing else to do and talk smack to make himself proud of him n his miserable life while we move on and succeed…

        okayyyy enough of that so my question is does the dream act give you the opportunity to get a drivers lisence?

      • lorh says:

        ha!! Travis!! you guys are nothing without immigrants

    • jean says:

      may be he can start studying in prison,i know people getting their ged in prison

    • citizen 1 says:

      If you are married to him and you are a citizen He would be covered and would not be deported.

    • Darius says:

      If you are a States legal resident or citizen you can get your husband legalized thru marriage. Otherwise, contact the Dept of State or Immigration for details.
      Or use a lawyer. I used Parsekian and Solomon in NJ. http://www.solomonimmigration.net/.
      Darius Goralski

    • Juan Viejo says:

      There are many advantages to becoming a resident under the DREAMER ACT (or Executive Order that bypasses Congress). For instance, no worry about being deported for two years (don’t fall for that. There are many people still here under the ‘temporary’ provisions of the last time this kind of ‘amnesty’ happened 20 years ago; so when you’re in, you’re in for good. Those government welfare and ‘assistance’ programs are much easier to get into if you are in the country legally. Good luck.

    • Allysa Garcia says:

      I was brought here at age 6 now I’m 22 I have a GED
      But one time like 2 years ago I got a ticket and
      Forgot to go to court. Do u know if this will affect my application

    • Allysa Garcia says:

      I was brought here at age 6 now I’m 22 I have a GED
      But one time like 2 years ago I got a ticket and
      Forgot to go to court. Do u know if this will affect my application
      I have a USA citizen child will that help or do u think I will get rejected

      • Rita says:


        What type of ticket, call me at 714-271-9575

        • Esperanza Buruca says:

          Hello Rita..

          My husband and I have been married for 1 year and a half.
          he came to the U.S. when he was 14 years old. He went to elementary school, got that diploma but didnt go to high school because he had to help his mother economicly because he had 3 younger brothers and sisters. we have to children and I’m a U.S. citizen. lawyers have always told us he must have a visa or temporary permit to work in U.S. for me to apply for him. Will this new law be available for him, even if he didnt go to high school but did get to 8th grade.

          please reply. thanks

    • Joey says:

      What did the criminal do??

    • Well hello class this is a very good site.

    • amy,
      i dont care about your opinion
      you dont smell like salad
      you smell like rotten salad

    • Diana says:

      Hi Everyone!! Our institute offers ESL, English as a Second Language classes, which is acceptable as an enrolled school for your application. If you are located near Atlanta,GEORGIA and want to take advantage of learning English and being enrolled for your application for A Dream Act please call today and ask for Diana 770-263-0040. Best of Luck!! God Bless you all!

    • Mike Wright says:

      Over 8 million Latinos will qualify for a work permit. If we hit that, our latinos will get stronger. REAL NICE.

      Look Forward to America’s next civil war. WE ARE READY! The Politicins may tell you that you latino americans that you are safe and will be able to stay here, but truth be told…

      My ancestors, European Americans and the ancestors of the African Americans shed their blood to fight the mightiest nation on this earth at the time, The British Empire and we won. And despite our differences and hundreds of years of discontent, The European Americans and African Americans beat that empire down and if you Latinos think that you can come into OUR country and break the special bond that the Europeans and Africans have created over the past two-hundred years, you have another thing coming.

      Obama is a race trader. He and the Democrats have thrown every black person in this country under the bus just to get the vote of the next minority group that will soon trump you all.

      Anyone who votes for a man that separates us as Americans deserves to be deported themselves.

    • Lilly says:

      I don’t agree with deporting anybody that was brought here as a child and is now over the age 25. The parents were the one’s committing a crime, they were responsible for a minor not the minor being responsible for the parents and charged with a crime put on them once they turned of age. If they committed a serious offense they should be punished accordingly just like other Americans, they pretty much are if they were not raised in Mexico and have no clue what Mexico’s even like. How is it fair to send someone (especially the one’s that didn’t commit violent crimes) to another country with no money, no family, no friends and no where to go? To top it off most of them are hard working people with family that depend on them and little children that need them. I know plenty of Americans that deserve this kind of punishment why not send their asses away instead.

    • Teresa says:

      Please let him be deported. So sick of the flood of immigrants coming over for a free handout.

    • dark xopher says:

      So by that logic. If my parents robbed a bank when I was a child, or sold drugs. Then I should be able to keep that money. After all I didn’t steal it. Why should I be punished. If the parents bought a car with that money for me. Why should I have to give up my car. I’ll go even further if I was a minor I should even be able to help steal and keep the money. It was my parents mistake. This is such a horrible way of thinking. If he is twenty-nine that means he knowingly broke the law for over a decade. Why don’t we all just renounce our citizenship stay in the country, not pay taxes, get welfare, break any laws we want. If we get caught just tell them we are dreamers. Way to go. You must be so proud of marrying a criminal. Don’t even act like him being here is the only law he is breaking. If he works he is committing another crime, any way you look at it you married a criminal and a thief. Your parents must be proud.

    • Winnie Campbell says:

      They can only do so much…give him a chance, they are just men….they are not as smart as women….

  2. Virginia Pinelo says:

    What if you are not in college now

    • travis says:

      this is all fucking bullshit bcuz you are all illegal immigrants that should have stayed where yall were born and leave us to our own land bcuz this is fucking stupid that america lets yall in here, i mean you see us going to where yall came from and living the way we want to live, if you come to america you should have to pay taxes like us you should SPEAK ENGLISH!!! and find a religion that began over here not make up your own leave us alone you stupid alien

      • Ann says:

        Okay seriously, your an idiot. People who have been here since they were a baby have NO IDEA what it is like to live in mexico or where ever they are from. They also probably have no family over there. If America is where they were raised, then they are just as american as me or you or anyone else here. If America is all they have ever known how do you expect them to live anywhere else? Have a fucking heart. Do you know the hardships people face on a daily basis living in mexico?? It is full of poverty and violence. America is by far a much more safe place to raise children and be successful, so why should a mother have to stay where she can’t afford to feed her children? I know a family that has been here for 19 years and they have worked their asses off to make a living here.

        • sandy says:

          thank you Ann :)…

        • couragous12 says:

          If Mexico is so bad, wouldn’t it change if all the illegals went back, if all they know is America’s democracy and of course the entitlements that come with living here, let them go home and create the same nurturing environment there. Do they have no national pride at all that they want to come here and take over our country? I am not racist, I am a pragmatist. If I was brought here as a child and I knew what was going on in my country I would be chomping at the bit to get back there to change things, not hanging out here to suck as much entitlements as I could get from a foreign government. If the dedication and hard work is for real, wouldn’t that change the drug wars in Mexico, and the strife and economic woes? Do you care nothing for your own people? You can see our American history how we have fought for the underdog, and won. We’ve won freedoms for others, we’ve lost our sons and daughters fighting for others and this discussion is disgusting. If you came to this country illegally you are already a criminal here. If you have gleaned an education while you were here, take it home to educate your people and bring them out of the poverty and squaller that they live in. Sounds good, huh?

          • Not that simple says:

            Its not that simple. Here the government listens to its people but in Mexico the government is corrupted. Unlike here the government does not care for its people and its people does not do anything to change that. The population that does nothing is far greater than the population that gets sent or decides to go back. The ones that do return make their houses and take what they learned to their advantages but the economy is so bad that sometimes their skills can’t be put to work. Me, for example, I have been here since a baby and I was raised here and my customs are from here. I studied hard, completed my school, and have been a good ‘resident’ in the U.S. The only thing is that some people decide that WE are not worthy of this country of this living. But we have worked hard to get the little that we have. Yes, there are Mexican criminals but if you watch the news there is also a lot of “U.S citizen criminals as well” so that is no excuse for us to be treated in any bad way.

            P.S There is also illegal Russians, Chinese, etc.. Not just Mexicans!

          • Blanca says:


          • PROUDchicana says:

            “our country”; first off let me start by questioning why i’m even bothering replying to your ignorant comment. If you want to play the whole “this is our country” card you should look at who was here first: the Aztec and Mayas. This ancestral blood flows through our veins. Your ancestors came from a whole different continent. So, if you want us to “go back”, TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE.

        • dark xopher says:

          So for 19 years they evaded taxes. Kudos. Real model citizens. Let’s roll out the red carpet. You don’t like your country fix it. Don’t come drag ours down to the level of the country you left. If they love their old country so much why are they here. You say they love America ten respect America’s laws not just the ones they agree with. Wow. Such backward ass thinking. Then you have the nerve to act like you are morally superior. Ha ha ha.

      • Ann says:

        ALSO, how do you think this “country” was brought about?? IMMIGRANTS sailed over here and built this country. And religion? thats what you care about?? What exactly is religion? Its bullshit. It is something that the people in power made up to have control over your mind and so you think that explains how we got here. But look around.. if you really think a man in the sky built this place in 7 days your a complete dumbass that is letting them brainwash you just like they want.

      • Mindyourown28 says:

        Don’t be an ignorant dumbass . First of all you redneck piece of shit learn how to spell. You are telling us to learn how to speak ENGLISH ?! Well don’t be a bitch an learn how write your own language PENDEJO..
        Well I hope you have a great night though (:

      • rubi says:

        well do you not know how to read i’m pretty sure all this people that are asking questions speak perfect English i bet its even better then yours “bcuz”? really and your trying to tell us to learn the language. You must really hate yourself for not understanding what we are trying to accomplish not even understanding your own religion let me explain we are all equal God made this earth and its his do not try to claim property that is not yours and never will be. We are just trying to make a better leaving provide for our family and this country that we will treat like its our country because we were practically born here raised here we lived our life’s here and fell in love more and more with our flag. I would stand up and said the pledge every morning with honor i understood the even though i wasn’t born here i was to die here.

      • malena says:

        travis, did u go to college

      • Rosangela Caixa says:

        Did you ever go to school? Do you speak English? Your writing is HORRIBLE! That is the problem here. They give diplomas to illiterates who think they are something just because they were born on the land. Do you know your heritage? I can only start to think of your hollow arguments if you are Native American. Please indicate your tribe, otherwise you do not own this land! Sorry to wake you up!

      • Milton says:

        Its messed up you saying things like that, I came to this country since I was one. My family came here for a better life. I graduated from high school this year with a advance diploma and and one of the top four kids in my auto technology class for an apprenticeship for a general motors program, I speak perfect English, And I know how to write properly unlike you. People like you saying stuff like that try to put us down because you know we’re going to have a good career and don’t understand the struggles we have to go threw to survive in a country that seperates people by a ssn

        • Diana says:

          Hi Everyone!! Our institute offers ESL, English as a Second Language classes, which is acceptable as an enrolled school for your application. If you are located near Atlanta,GEORGIA and want to take advantage of learning English and being enrolled for your application for A Dream Act please call today and ask for Diana 770-263-0040. Best of Luck!! God Bless you all! :)

      • vanessa says:

        Idiot in what way does this affect u

      • Holly says:

        It is funny you would have such crude things to say when evidently you can’t speak English your self. Yall is not a word. The profanity you use just shows your ignorence! I am sure at one point in time your family too was immigrants, unless ofcourse you are Native American. (I think not!!) I have news for you if all the immagrants left this country America would fall apart. You really should do more research before you post such worthless nonsence!! Thank you.

      • sandy says:

        I guess they really want us here “travis”…some how they keep creating this laws to help us…..i guess it’s for a reason don’t you think!!!……

      • Eliel says:

        Lol Mr. yall ( Travis ) what religion was exactly started in the U.S ?

      • gaby says:


      • stephany says:

        by the way the comment was for travis..

      • Jana says:

        To Travis:
        You should really become more educated about the crap your saying!
        Maybe you should go buy a plane ticket and leave the US too, because this is NOT your
        Land LOL!! Just because you were born here doesn’t make this YOUR land. For the matter of fact, no land is anyone’s ones land… This is native land, so if your opinion is that immigrants need to leave , you better start packing your bags and get out. Christopher Columbus came here with a boat load of immigrants who were not born in the US and settled in on Indian land! You might have been born here; your mother or grandmother might have been born here; but your family history isn’t from here. And in regards to religion, people any where in the world have the right to believe in whatsoever they choose too. Religion wasn’t created in the US either! Immigrants from where your family came in a boat brought it over…..so idiots like you, need to become more educated about “YOUR” land….. God didn’t created any one specific land for any one specific race. He created land for the human race. There’s no such thing as illegal Alien. No human is an alien here on earth. This is very unfortunate for you, because your head is so far up your ass that your brain has turned in to shit. Think and rethink all you say; bc there’s nothing good coming out of that brain of yours. Become educated and then really put time and effort in to forming your own opinion before you have settled on one where you loose by far…. I truly wish you the best and hope that sometime soon you will wake up and realize that the world you are living in isn’t a world that revolves around money and politics and government. It’s a world that revolves around humans no matter where they were born. The only important thing here on earth is US an making sure we learn how to united and be one….don’t be a sheep

      • fuck gringos says:

        fuck yo shit bitch..if you actually learned something in school you piece of shit ,u would have known that the indians where here first than yall white pieces of shit..and yall mothafuckas crying cause we take yalls job.well guess what bitch get cho ass up the couch and go find one.go cut grass,do roofing,or construction u lazy fuck,cause i bet you damn well yall white lazy fucks wouldnt do that..suck a dick

      • Jorge says:

        since when yall? is ENGLISH, you should probably go back to your continent, if you know what i mean, we do not speak that way here, they should be deporting all this garbage from USA, that is the reason why we are going to recession every now and then, because of this kind of people, where do you think all your welfare is coming from, “we pay taxes”, please if you will have pay taxes ever in your life, you would not be here saying all that hate speech to people that without education and without legal papers can still take your job.

        • puttini verga says:

          Dear gorge bullshit if you know what math is you will do your home work you have to divide the diffrent groups of einecs Afrian america Asian Latin american Canadian Mexican and last butt not lees Anglo americans will see you gets more welfare or food stamps you bitch

      • Jailee Garcia says:

        You know, you say that we should of stayed were we are from, i came here when i was 3, ive been through kinder and this is my last year in high school. i wnat to be a teacher, u dont know how it feels not to be able to not drive & work, to help your parents on bills.This is a dream to me and i hope i get accepted like every other child who deserves it. because we aren’t bad. our parents brought us here for us to have a beter future they dont wnat our lifes to be ruined in a place where there is shooting and killing and more than you can imagine. We aren’t taking your jobs. Those jobs mexicans are working as: resturant, construstion, and cleaning houses. we dont spend it on tatoos, drugs, and things that aren’t worth buying. You say mexicans should leave and that we are worthless? but you have the guts to eat our food? and say its delieouse.
        This doesn’t invole just MEXICANS its alos africans, britian,asaians.

      • Dcastro454 says:


      • you stupid bitch us Haitians are here to work,go to school, and have better lives then all you white trash that live off welfare and food stamps…..who can’t afford food but can afford tattoos, alcohol, drugs oh yeah and cigarettes.. and by the way its spelled where not wear… perfect exaple we go to school to learn.. no wonder your race is so frustrated we are taking all the jobs

        • couragous12 says:

          actually, dear, Mexico was populated by Indians prior to the coming of the Spaniards who also called California theirs. and if you all go far enough back, ALL the Indians immigrated to this continent about 12,000 years ago from Asia. They used the Land Bridge that connected Asia with North America during several ice ages. Different groups migrated to different areas of North and South America and then evolved. Each group, depending upon their elevation, and weather environments evolved attributes, over time, that helped them in their daily lives. Peoples living in higher elevations adapted by growing shorter and they generally have barrel chests, bigger set of lungs to breath in the low oxygen atmosphere at their elevation. Others developed long limbs and thinner body types. Nowadays these differences are what keeps us all saying we’re not alike when we all came from the same origins.

          I was hoping for an intelligent conversation, I’m leaving this forum

          You ALL need to do some research on Critical Thinking before commenting
          taking care that the arguments you’re using actually have some sort of documented evidence. Everything spouted here is racist/reverse racist, hateful, ugly, unhelpful, and totally useless.

        • couragous12 says:

          my apologies, my reply was for Unknown’s comment below.

      • Unknown says:

        You do know Mexicans were the ones who were in this land first, california was even fart of Mexico once and white people are the imigrants who came and thought they had the right to be the owners, sometimes i wander if if people like you see how stupid they look when they say things like that

      • FUCK OFF says:

        Try to even kick us out, and lose all your teeth in the process, you guys want to corner us into a corner and make us act like savages, do so, I just hope you can handle an ass beat!

      • angie says:

        It is truly sad because this country was founded by “foreigners” who were looking for a place to have free speech, religion and the opportunity to better themselves.
        Does that sound familiar. Today it is no different. The only difference is that the people who have the same desires that our ancestors had came to this country have different cultures and customs that are foreign to you. So you reject them. You are also looking to have a fall guy for your own failures and inability to make it in this society. In otherwords you need a scapegoat, so you look to the guy that is already hitting the dirt trying to survive and attain the very things that we as “Americans” have attained. Shame on you!!! The foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights is for all peoples. There is no such thing as an “Alien” on this planet except for those from the movies.
        Work hard and you too can attain the “American Dream”!!
        God bless American and everyone in it.

        Thank you

      • pelon818 says:

        then go back to england motherfucker…this is our land! … who pics the veggies and fruit you eat! trust me doggie if it wasnt for us immigrants u would be fucked and so would the economy… i bet u couldnt do half the work we do! ull be all pink @ first then a red face all sweaty just to moan ur lawn… like mexicans say “no pelas un chango a nalgadas” n jst cuz were immigrants doesnt mean were jst mexicans!

      • neckface says:

        your lack of respect and just plain selfishness is quite repulsive. must really suck to have so much hate over your own kind(humans). but i know what this is, its attention seeking only because you don’t receive attention at home, yet you are living the easy life. while us aliens who like humans have the right to live an equal life are made to be in our own home aliens and have to fear leaving the ones we love just because we have no papers. so there you go, you got your fame but don’t worry we aliens will now be able to hire people like you to fix our toilets.

      • JD says:

        Ann is right your an idiot!

      • Max Marshall says:

        Hey Travis, uh well today i went to visit Larry Frank Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles even though he is a well-educated white man he supports the Dream Act he is educated unlike you uneducated Rednecks and Hillbillies who just talk shit with no knowledge. It will help the economy trust. From your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

      • puttini verga says:

        thats right travis u verga or should i say travisia

      • your the fucken joke says:

        travis dude or what ever your fucking name is why the fuck are you so worried about the fucken taxes do you work for the IRS or something and if we left this country it would all go to shit because yea im not going to judge all of your kind just because your dumbass but really white people are never going to the jobs that mexicans do you really think white folks are going to build houses in this weather like 104 i dont think so yea white people the ones that arent lazy work but they do office jobs and all that bull shit i bet you a mexican made the house you live in painted it and put everything in it

      • monica says:

        Wow, you sound so ignorant. when I was 7 and came to this country I had no idea what was going on you act like if us as kids had a say in our parent’s decisions. This is only for students and people who qualify and deserve it and a lot of us do speak perfect english some better than their 1st language. We did go to school graduate have a diploma and some degrees in college. It’s 2012 things like this are going to keep happening so get over it.

      • Blanca says:

        its ok travis its a small world one day we will come across each other……i think ur a lil too scared of “US” its ok sweetie dont worry just go on with your life IF your doing so good dont worry about wtf were doing…lol! im sorry i cant help but to laugh at your post i couldnt help to notice how u used “yall” in your post may i ask where are you from?….no offense


      • vanessa says:

        wow really tht much hate huh well let me remind u u ignorant idiot white people were not the ones who discoverd america go read books first thn come back nd comment black ppl are frm africa or whatever nd u are frm england or frm sum bullcrap place stop trying to own land tht isnt only urs this is america where it is a free country dumbass

        • Winnie Campbell says:

          I am talking about middle easterners….they are not Christian and deplore our God …we need to export them…

      • JAIME says:


      • James says:

        Come on America does not belong to White people but the Native Americans so really white people are also immigrants. America is built on Immigrants.

      • God's Elect says:

        you are ignorant.
        God Bless you!

      • Winnie Campbell says:

        I’m not going to stoop to epithets, you are really misinformed. Im not Mexican, but I lived my whole life in LA and I would not have survived without the support of my Mexican team…the sweet people who loved and supported me
        and did all the hard work…so I could make money and become rich and famous…I wish I could go back and pay them more

    • Rita says:


      You can apply, should you need more information contact me
      Rita Garcia at ritablaw@yahoo.com

  3. oscar gonzalez says:

    I been here for 18 years im 31 the required age is 30 and under im over by 5 months do I qyilify?? If not wow come on.i been here most of my life can anyone help me

  4. oscar gonzalez says:

    I been here for 18 years im 31 the required age is 30 and under im over by 5 months do I qualify?? If not wow come on.i been here most of my life can anyone help me

    • travis says:

      this is all fucking bullshit bcuz you are all illegal immigrants that should have stayed where yall were born and leave us to our own land bcuz this is fucking stupid that america lets yall in here, i mean you see us going to where yall came from and living the way we want to live, if you come to america you should have to pay taxes like us you should SPEAK ENGLISH!!! and find a religion that began over here not make up your own leave us alone you stupid aliens

      • tino says:

        Travis ! you are an ignorant person ..we all pay taxes and we stay out of trouble..But when you go to where we came from like you said you are nothing but trouble..And i really pray to GOD for ignorant people like you and for the the Dream Act to pass..MAY GOD BLESS YOU

        • mike says:

          CALM DOWN.I hate it when people start saying things on the internet they would never say in real life. Ask yourself, would you say this to your boss, neighbor, friend, if you knew they came to this country illegally? Think twice before you post.

      • Jorge says:

        since when yall? is ENGLISH, you should probably go back to your continent, if you know what i mean, we do not speak that way here, they should be deporting all this garbage from USA, that is the reason why we are going to recession every now and then, because of this kind of people, where do you think all your welfare is coming from, “we pay taxes”, please if you will have pay taxes ever in your life, you would not be here saying all that hate speech to people that without education and without legal papers can still take your job.

      • Chuck101 says:

        Hey did your mom drop you on the head or are you that stupid that you can’t even spell right
        Why don’t you try using the spelling check
        That way you won’t be as stupid

      • puttini verga says:

        oh and one more thing maitte i am a bristish mexican and i am more superior then u are far more better

        • Lisa says:

          I was reading all the posts and cannot begin to imagine that this would not be a touchy subject.
          I am a born US citizen , I believe we all have rights, whether you are an immigrant or not.
          My problem is when an illegal immigrant does not pay for their paperwork because they claim not to have money… ( it cannot always be proven so they milk our system) or when a couple comes here from their country and reproduce.. Not only one time but 3,4,5,6… And then complain when they are deported and the children are left behind. I have personally met a few people that are applying for this dream act… They are going to attend school just to qualify… But they are requesting assistance.. Remember all of their income is not taxed so they are able to show less money.
          I believe that if my child must pay thousands to get an education then so should all of these..DREAMERS! My children also have a dream to recieve an education.
          As for a Mexican / Britt being above an American… Well.. What in the world are you doing here among all us dumb people who cannot keep jobs? You are obviously here because of all the possibilities us Americans offer.
          And maybe some of you ( meaning all that used the foul language)should go back to school maybe then you can learn how to better express yourselves and while your at it maybe pick up some manners! Good luck to all…measly my opinion

      • colombiana says:

        travis i couldn’t help but notice your comment, it made me laugh like a post i never seen before. (although i shall say your spelling and english terminology is something else). alright let’s point an incorrect fact you have established. the “aliens” you so happen to mention. i can tell you from personal experience, that we do in fact pay taxes like any normal citizen , and ultimately i do not understand why you are being so defensive, it is not like we are literately invading your land. IT IS NOT YOURS, you unlike some of us, happened to be born here therefore acquiring the benefit right away. but anyways instruct yourself before stating ignorant public post, i mean unless you are trying to troll. But let me tell you. you’re just bad at it lol. simply not intelligent enough to out take comebacks, and your responses are just out of contest.

  5. mayra says:

    am 21. graduated from high school.came here at age 9 but not going to college how can this law help me??

    • Aliana says:

      It says you need a high school diploma or be enrolled in college.

    • Rita says:

      Sure,contact me at ritablaw@yahoo.com

    • Rita says:

      Yes, contact me at ritablaw@yahoo.com

    • Rita says:


      Thank you for visiting our office yesterday. Follow the directions below to prepare for Deferred Action, which is an opportunity for you to get a work permit for you and your wife. Per our conversation yesterday, a work permit allows you to get a social security card and driver’s license.

      Personal Documents for Your Deferred Action “Dream Act” Application

      Begin preparing these personal documents for your Deferred Action application. Deferred Action is a work permit type of application. Below are the documents that you will need to prove your case.

      1. Birth Certificate

      2. Documents proving that you have been in living in America :

      - Report Cards

      - Awards

      - Student IDs

      - Immunization Records

      - Tax Returns

      (any of these documents will do)

      Make sure you have documents for every year you have lived in America .

      You need to prove that you came to America before 16 and have been living here since then.

      3. Two passport photos

      4. High School Diploma or GED (if you are graduated)

      5. School Records showing you are in school (if you have not graduated)

      In addition, attached in this email is a client questionnaire form for you to fill out. Simply download the attachment and type out your information.

      If you have any questions, feel free to call our offices at 714-271-9575


      Rita Garcia

      • Jailee Garcia says:

        what if we dont have a report card??? nd this is my last year in highschool

      • Diego Albertt says:

        HI Rita Garcia i have one question i have a petition through my wife but they told me i have to go to juarez to get my visa aka resident card but i qualify for the dream act do i have to still go out there or can i get my resident card here …

      • jacki says:

        We have to prove every year?.what if we can’t? Can someone declare for the years I can’t prove?..I have school ids high school deploma passport pay stubs tax return bank statements but not for some some of the years I’ve been here.

  6. Karina says:

    Im 19 years old. I came here whenever I was 11 years old, I dropped out of school whenever I was about to graduate High School, I went back to my country and came back about a year ago. I graduated high school whenever I came back and now Im in college. Would I qualify???

  7. Rosmery says:

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I came when I was 15,
    I have almost 5 years in the united states but
    I just got an online high school so I’m wondering
    If I qualify? Need help!

  8. Rosmery says:

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I came when I was 15,
    I have almost 5 years in the united states but
    I just got an online high school so I’m wondering
    If I qualify? Need help!

    • vee says:

      … i think you have to wait out until you have that 5 years,then apply.36 days im sure the application would be all over the news or internet with all the infor and requirment

  9. cece says:

    Where does one apply for the Dream Act. i live in Wisconsin. Been here for over 20 years. Where do i go?

  10. Nery says:

    Hello, my son is 12 years old, he came to USA at 6 months old, now he is in middle school 7 grade, and he’s in the Advance class. My question is: When can he put the application for the Dream Act?

  11. José says:

    I have a question? I have lived here for 10 years I have no criminal record and I graduate in 2013 and I’m planning on going to college to receive my basics, my question is if I can join the U.S Armed forces most preferably The Marines?

  12. Caroline says:

    I have a question? I am a 20 year old, I am studying in high school, go to EEUU a tourist visa, The dream act can help me??

  13. Margarita says:

    Im very happy about the latest news, but concerned if i qualify in this relief. I came to the states in 1990! and have been here most of my life! I am 32 years old now with a daughter who is a citizen. I really hope there is a loophole for those over 30! I meet all the other requirements, have a High school diploma, AA and Batchelors degree! Have been a law abiding civilian for 22 years…any ideas where I can get more information?

    • Mateo says:

      Para todos los dreamers mayores de 30 años, hay que hablar alos medios de comunicacion radio,television, facebook,youutube etc. y decirles que no es justo que dejen fuera de esta nueva poliza a los primeros dreamers que empezaron con este movimiento hace 12 años y hora no califican nada mas por que son mayores de 30 pero cumplen con todos los reqisitos. No es justo
      Corran la voz antes de que entre en efecto la nueva poliza todavia hay chance de que puedan hacer cambios ala poliza. Si no hablamos nos van ha ignorar

  14. Haydee says:

    I just hope we all qualify!

  15. tem says:

    Hi, I’ve been here since the age of 4 and am now 37. I meet all the criteria except for the age as I am a high school/college graduate and also an upstanding citizen….will I not be able to apply under this act?

  16. Jessica says:

    I came to the United States when I was 3 and have been here since then I’m now 20, I meet all of the requirements but I have TPS can I still apply for the dream act and will it affect me in any way.

  17. Ivan says:

    Hi everyone .. Helpme …. I came when i was 17-18 .. Here .. And iam now 28 .. I have high school diplome … Can i apply? ….

  18. Eduard says:

    I came when I was 16 and 4 months old, Im currently in college, do I still qualify for this? Im 23.

  19. ronal says:

    lets hope in God that we can all qualify. He knows how much we need this and He will see us through.

  20. John says:

    Lets see how it goes, I think we all need help on this one, united we will grow!!!!!!!
    I came here a week after I turned 17, I’ve been here for 6 years and I have a high school diploma, I entered with a B-1 B-2 visa, therefore I wasn’t illegal, would I still qualify?

  21. Antonio says:

    I come here at the age 14 I been here for about 12 years and I’m graduated from high school but not In college right now can instill cualify?????

  22. I came here at age six. Now I am 15, almost 16 and about to start the 10th grade. In one of the requirements it says “have graduated high school.” Does this mean out of highschool, or can a person still be in high schoolto be able to qualify? Please someone clear that out for me. It is the only question I have since I meet the rest of the requirements. Thanks.

  23. Perla Cordoba says:

    I have that same question. I meet everything except the graduated high school part. Do I HAVE TO BE graduated in order to be able to apply? Is there a “meet four of the five requirements” thing?

  24. Nat says:

    I came here when I was 16 and I just have 2 years and a half, I’ll finish my high school next summer I’ll have 3 1/2 years living here so, do anybody know if I still can apply to this act??? I came here with VISA

  25. Rachel says:

    I came to the US legally when I was 11, lived 2 years and attended middle school, then moved back to my country.

    Again, I moved back to the US legally with a student visa to attend college at the age of 18 and lived there for 5 consecutive years.

    Currently I am under 30 and enrolled in a US graduate school. It seems like I meet all the requirements BUT I was legal the whole time. Does anybody know if the DREAM act also applies to immigrants who have papers?

  26. Juan Hernandez says:

    I am currently 30 yeas old I turned 30, 4 months ago I meet all the requiments and I also have a Bachelor degree do I Qualify

  27. Annie says:

    I born in 1989 March.
    I came to America 2005 Sep. Which means, i came to America when i was 16 and 6 momths.
    Do i stil qualify for dream act 2012?

  28. Edgar says:

    I came here when i was 3 years old, I’m about to turn 17 and also about to start 11th grade. Do i qualify or do i really need a (GED/high school diploma)

  29. Diana says:

    I’m 17 and came when I was 4. I’m in my last year of high school do I have to wait to apply? What about crime? Is it only if you’ve been convicted of a felony?

  30. diana hernandez says:

    hi my name is diana hernandez. i am 17 and i am pregnant i am still in highschool and graduating till june 2013. i am stll going to continue my education but i am illegal. i was brought here at the age of 3 and i came here illegaly with my mom. I have no records in a criminal way i am a good student and i am a good person.. do you guys think i can get something sooner so i can work so i can suport my daughter more?

  31. Allie says:

    I have High school certification of completion. Can I turn that In? I am also enrolled in college.
    Do you think I qualify for dream act?
    My attorney says ..I can’t or will get rejected just cause it doesn’t say diploma..
    Don’t I meet all the requirements? DO i strictly need a diploma or GED?

    • Daniel says:

      Well it says high school COMPLETION, so yeah that proves you finished your high school, try to get more info with someone else tho, but im sure u can(:

  32. Jules says:

    Hi, I have a question. Im 32 Years old, I’ve been enroll in a University for almost 1 year doing a double major. I did High School here back in 1999 and i did get my high school diploma. From my understanding since I’m 32 years old that will or will not qualify me for the dream act???

  33. maria says:

    Hola mi nombre es Maria to llege a USA. Ala edad de 11 anos tengo 30 creo q cumplo con todo exepto el ged o high school diploma pero ya me inscrivi para agarrarlo por si acaso. Calofico. Por estar ya en la escuela….

  34. Reyna says:


    Is having an online high school diploma valid to qualify for the dream act?

  35. Carla says:

    I am 20 year old, I am currently studying in a college in Argentina, but i lived in US for 10 years, came back before turned 18, I finish my junior year of High School in US. My parents brought me back (Argentina) and finish high school down here, so my question is even though am back in my country and since i was a minor still when my parents brought me back can i still qualify for dream act?

    • Daniel says:

      Sorry but i dont think so you needed to be here when they gave the speech thing, one requirement is have been in the states for At least 5 years straight.

      • carla says:

        okay, so i just have one last question for you; Even thought i lived in the US for more than five consecutive years, i still dont apply ? or the fact that am not in the country any more makes it impossible ?

        Thanks Daniel

  36. Christian says:

    I’m 20 years old, I lived in the US for 11 years.. Graduated high school and due to to the fact that I was illegal I came back to my native country because i couldn’t get a job and i came to back to go to college.I’m currently in college here but i would like to study in the US. I didn’t get deported I left and have been one year out of the US. My question is can I apply for this and is there anyway this law can help me get back? All my family lives over there and I really do want to go back. So is there any way this can help me?

    • Daniel says:

      You needed to be here when they make the announcement bro, and have been living in the U.S. for at least 5 years

  37. Lindsey says:

    Hi my finance came to america when he was 1 1/2 with his family. They were from a rufuge camp. He got n trouble when he was 16 and paid his dues. He hasn’t gotten n trouble since and he is now 32. He has been trying to fight his deportation case for years.. He has his GED and some college training. He always has worked and paid his taxes. He changed his life around .. His father became citizen before he was 18 but due to all the different laws they said he couldnt fall with n the guide lines. His mother became A citizen down the road .His whole family is here n American. They just deported him about 1 month ago back to Cambodia . Would he fall under this at all?? We are looking for help . He is a AMERICAN CITIZEN

  38. Veronica Sanchez says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…this resounds with more meaning now more than ever, it is a dream to be part of this great nation to live in freedom.

  39. marsella says:

    i came to the us legally 22 years ago. I was 11. My parents filed paperwork but because of the processing time and mistakes made by the system my siblings and i are still waiting for a status change. I am over 30 now. Will i qualify for the dream act?

  40. Debisse says:

    Hello, I have a question. I meet all the requirements except for the one where i have to have had graduated high school. I haven’t graduated but i am currently in high school. Am i still qualified?

  41. Jenus says:

    Hi guys, again do u have to meet all the 5 requirements, or half of it, or it needs to be the 5 of them? (Age, school, time of being here, etc, etc)

  42. Anna says:

    Hi, im 16 yrs old , I was brought to the U.S when I was barely 3 mnths old , still go to high school this upcoming school yr 013 ima be a Junior…But I was wondering what if I drop out and decide to get my GED and then try to apply to College…Would there be chances I could be qualified???

  43. Paola says:

    It is so bad the applicant must have entered the United States prior to their 16th birthday. My brother came when he was 18

  44. Alex says:

    I’m 17 years old, and I’ll be enroll in a community college and doing high school completion program and taking college classes at the same time. Do I still qualified?

  45. daniel pérez says:

    Hey well I just graduated high school am 18 and I came to the US when I was 11. I havent been up to date with the DREAM Act news so can you guys guve me the lattest news on this please. Thanks..

  46. Luis says:

    Hi , I came to the us with a tourist visa when I was 17 I graduate highschool in Guatemala im 23 years old now do I qualify?????

  47. Julie says:

    My sister and I arrived to the US in 2001 with 9 and 11 years of age, later in 2005 we left and went back again in November of that year. Finally after both of us graduated from high school we left in May 2010. We were never illegal.
    We are currently in our home country. My question is do you have to be in the United States to qualify for this? and I think with those dates its a little under 5 years does that hurt our case?

    Thank you.

  48. Itzel785 says:

    Hello everyone:

    I’m in the same position as everyone and am hoping the Dream Act will pass soon. However, with the Deferred Act (Deferred Action Process for Young People Who Are Low Enforcement Priorities) passing, I at least qualify for that. I keep myself informed by logging on daily to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)website and Facebook page. I also log here to the Dream Act.com website. I’d be glad to help anyone. I’m not a lawyer/attorney. I’m just like everyone else hoping for the Dream Act to pass. If I can help, I will answer your question and post the link to where I found this information. Thanks for reading and God Bless you all.

  49. tino says:

    I am 22 years old ,i graduated with a diploma from high school,and i been living in the united states since i was six months old, and i have no felonys,does anybody know if i qualify,becouse i read that you have to be 30 years old,and enrolled in college.(Please let me know if i qualify).

    • Itzel785 says:

      Hi Tino:

      You mentioned youve been in the country since you were 6 months old and are now 22, you have a clean record. You dont have to be enrolled in college but it would be beneficial for your future. Here are the requirements to apply for the Deferred Act and I’ll also include the link where you can find them and a PDF file. It seems in my opinion you do qualify and will then be able to request and employment authorization and obtain a drivers license and SS card, for tax purposes, etc. Remember this act is good for 2 years, you have to keep renewing, unless its repealed or if our MAIN dream, the Dream Act passes..good luck…


      Who is eligible to receive deferred action under the Department’s new directive?
      Pursuant to the Secretary’s June 15, 2012 memorandum, in order to be eligible for deferred action, individuals must:

      1. Have come to the United States under the age of sixteen;
      2. Have continuously resided in the United States for at least five years preceding June 15, 2012 and are present in the United States on June 15, 2012;
      3. Currently be in school, have graduated from high school, have obtained a general education development certificate, or are honorably discharged veterans of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States;
      4.Have not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, multiple misdemeanor offenses, or otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety;
      5. Not be above the age of thirty.



    • sandy says:

      as far as i know u do qualify…as long as u graduated from HS or have ur GED and are under 30 yrs old with no felonies..ur good !!!!….

  50. jean says:

    tino you have to be under 31,you are good

  51. John says:

    I have a quick question hopefully there’s still people answering them, I hope. Okay so to begin I’ve been here for six years, I have no offences (felonies, misdemeanors, etc..) I came here at the age of 10, I am now sixteen the only problem is that I haven graduated high school. I am currently in summer vacation and will be a senior next year (12th grader). Can I still apply?

  52. Sebastian says:

    I have a quick question i enter the us at the age of 9. Currently in High school , but in my last year. Also have a high grade point average,a high ACT score ,and been involved in many outside school activities. Also have no criminal record. I am 17 . What kind of document will i need to show that have been in the US for more than 5 years.
    Thank you. Sebastian

  53. Brenda says:

    My husband is 29 yrs old he came to the US when he was 18 yrs old after he graduated from high school in Mexico, he wanted to continue college here so he obtained a GED. Does he still qualify for the Act since he was 18 yrs old when he got to the US???

  54. Gonzalo says:

    I meet all the requirements. Came to the states when i was 11. Have my High School Diploma. I’m 27 years old. But i have a misdemeanor for expired license. Do i still qualify?

  55. Adrian hernandez says:

    Hola oye yo quiero saber q chanse tengo de aplicar llegue alos estados unidos alos 17 recién cumplidos, tengo mi diploma de high school, y tengo 28 años de edad.

  56. Vanessa says:

    I want to find out some information for my boyfriend. My boyfriend came to the United States at the age of 2 and is now 26. My main concern is my boyfriend was recently arrested for a warrant he had due to not paying his traffic tickets on time. While he was in jail(not county) doing time. The public defender got him off with doing Cal Trans, but the thing is he has a misdemeanor on his record. I was wondering if he can still be eligible for the DREAM Act? He graduated from High School and speaks perfect english, but is currently not enrolled in college. He only needs about 12-14 units left before he can receive his AA degree. He has a daughter that was born in the U.S. Other then the misdemeanor due to his traffic tickets. I would really like to know if he can still be able to qualify? Or do you think we’re better off talking to an immigration attorney?

  57. Chris says:

    Answering this question as fairly and with as much compassion as possible, a poster is asked what the ‘h’ does this have to do with we Americans?? Well, it all boils down to a matter of economics and scarcity. You people are competing with our young and brightest for the same opportunities and right now is a bad time for America to swell our pool of population competing against our own for what they should, rightfully, be allowed to secure prior to any person whom is here in violation of our laws.

    Technically, you are criminals much in the same way that a person who drives his ‘friends’ to the convenience store to get something and, unbeknownst to that driver, his ‘friends’ rob the store.

    Though you, the driver, had no idea that a crime was being commited, according to the law you are just as guilty and will, too, be tried with the ones robbing the store. Here, in California, anyways.

    The sad part is that you do not feel sympathy for we Americans and only want what you want – despite who gets hurt along the way. Yet, you want our sympathy.

  58. jose says:

    Am in school in El Paso TX. am in high school this is my last year in school to get my diploma and GED. can i still apply for the dream act?

  59. Cinthia says:

    Is it true that there is only an amount of careers (including the army, navy ect.) if you want to become a citizen, I just got out of High school and enrroling to a community college but I already have a career in mind.. I would just like to know?..

  60. Leo says:

    Hello, I am a current college student but when I entered the country I was 16 and three months. Is there any possibility to apply for the Dream act. I am an honor student and I have my high school diploma.

  61. Maria says:

    Hi, I Was Brought To The U.S. Since I Was 6 Months Born, Never Been Back,Didnt Make All My Credits In Highschool So Went To Adult School And Got My Diploma There. Class Of 2010. Never Had Any Felonies, Or Any Tickets OF any Kind. Not Enrolled In College. Was Wondering If I Qualify?

  62. John says:

    None of you guys should qualify. This act is complete BS and should not be passed. This is America, if you are not a citizen, then you do not deserve to live in this country. I hope you all get deported!

  63. martha Gonzalez says:

    hi.im just bearly geeting my high school diploma this year.but i been here all my life since i was 10 months.i attended elementary school here and middle school.i dint finish high school i just got to the 9th grade.i would like to know if im elegible.thank you

  64. abdul ali says:

    hi. i would like to know the adress were i can go fill out the application.and how much are the total fees..thank you

  65. Alexandra says:

    I came to the united states when i was 5 years old, and I’m enrolled in GED classes. But haven’t finished yet, do I still qualify? Or do I have to wait until I pass the GED test?

  66. pleasehelp08 says:

    am 22 years old I have a 4 year old daughter I came to the usa when I was 3 I didnt fiish high school but am inroll to get my ged
    but when I was 18 I got coght shoplifthing I didnt go to ourt cuse I was scer I was going to get deported and I had no onrvto tacke care of my baby at the time. what are my chances of geting approve I see this like one in a lifetime shoot for us

  67. Albee says:

    When should we start applying?

  68. Alberto says:

    just need a little help here…I graduate from middle school and last year from high school, I had a year off because I couldn’t apply for community college… what are the first steps To apply?

  69. Anonymous says:

    One question; my daughter is still in school. She’s 13, will she be able to apply?

  70. yezenia says:

    I have been in the usa since i was 9 years old now im 20.. im currently inrolled to get my ged i have 3 kids all born in usa.. can i qualify

  71. lizbeth says:

    my brother has down syndrome he aplies to all the requirements but the oy.problem is that he cant go to college bexause of his learning problems:/ so could he apply or not? also after he graduated he attended another 2 yrs in a school were they thought him washing dishes cooking laundry abd many more stuff so could he qualify for the dream act?

  72. jessika says:

    can I still apply if I enter to the country 5 years ago but on july 8 2007?

  73. Amber says:

    Must you have to finish high school? Or does it also apply to kids younger than 16?

  74. Miguel Cervantes says:

    I was brought here at age 1 my parents and I were not born here but I’m 16 now in high school I’ve lived here ever since I was brought. I wanna apply for the dream act but were do I apply or were do I get the application and when is the last day to turn in the application.

  75. chay says:

    i am 17 years old right now im a senior in high school ive been her in the usa since i was 5 months old no criminal record how can this help me??

  76. Suvi says:

    The requirements say *if you graduated High School have a diploma or GED .. Im a Senior this year do I applyy ?? Anybodyy ..

  77. Cindy says:

    If the children are in the middle school, do they qualify? The family has been here over 6 years.

  78. Diaynee says:

    Im currently enrolled in GED classes. i meet all requierments except for the diploma part will i still be able to apply having enrolled in GED classes? Im also married (not to USA citizen) and have 2 young children born in USA.

    • JD says:

      Yes your fine.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Hi Diaynee,
      My name is Mary Ann, my son has a girlfriend born in Costa Rica was brought over here illegally when she was seven years old.She attended school until her senior year she got pregnant and left school .I want to bring her for her GED but I am told she needs government issued ID such as drivers lic. Or non drivers lic.But you need a ss# to get this and some places want a ss card .Could you please tell me where she can get GED under these conditions.I love her and my granddaughter and will do whatever I have to do to get her citazanship .We live in NJ.

      Thank You,
      And GoodLuck

  79. Whatajoke says:

    This is a fucking joke….. Think about this if this passes and helps u illegals become legal before November that mean u can vote right? So why wouldn’t Obama try to pass this on an election year cus all of u would vote for him it’s all BS …. His doesn’t care about illegals he just wants votes. To some of those comments about being “white trash” and not wanting to work that’s BS I bust my ass everyday and livIng pay check to pay check and u fucks are here tax free buying all types of shit and living better than most of us who work at the same job :.. And most places will hire u cus ur cheap labor, no taxes, no workmans comp, no unemployment insurance, they don’t have to pay u over time, work u as much as they want cus they know that you won’t bitch cus you are not legal and have to work …. A lot of you send most your $ back home so you can bring more illegals up here ….Wtf!

    • Ximena says:

      Ummmm first of all sweetie we wont be able to vote alright? its just to go to school and okay were “illegals” like you call us but yet we still know how to spell and stuff its just some goof thing that Obama is doing so we can go to school without paying more i don’t see why you get mad. We are not going to bother you guys.. so yeah have a blessed night :)

    • Ivone says:

      Some pple are just so ignorant dumbass weir not becoming legal weir only gttin a work permit to work or attend school..nothing else dam inform your self before u critisize.. Weir tryin to make an honest living to support some of you bums if the shoe fits wear it..i kno so many citizens,my age dat can work n have a good future bt they ratheer ask for welfare..shame on them n u want to sit there an complain about it..impressive rite now tell me wat jobs are we takin from you..??

    • Chuck101 says:

      You think you have it hard
      We work hard too
      We pay taxes too
      We get payed less and have to take care of our family’s
      All you white people do is get your fancy cars and house from your mommy and daddy
      If you don’t want to work hard anymore
      Go with mommy and daddy
      And eat there food and live in their house
      You selfish lazy prick

    • Chuck101 says:

      Everyone who came here in the beginning of America were immigrants
      You white people take all the credit
      You were lazy now and in the past
      All whites had to rely on black people to do their jobs
      But now the blame Mexicans for what they can’t do
      We suffered more
      White people have it easy
      Go back with your mommy

  80. Tatiana alvarenga says:

    I came to this country when I was 7 years old I’m 16 now I go to high school don’t have anycriminal record do I still qualified????

  81. EmilyElizabeth says:

    for all of you out there who think this is stupid and immigrants should just move back to their own country, you need to shut up and listen. It’s people like you that give America a bad name. we are one of the most free countrys in the world and you can sit there and hide behind you computer and tell the whole world to stay out of our country for your entire life but you will only accomplish nothing. i bet over half of you that made those idiotic comments are have no idea what youre talking about. everyones entitled to their opinion but you cant go around stating it as if it should be law. Learn something about this country before you go and embaress not only your self but your country’s reptutaion. Our armys arent fighting for illegal immagrants but theyre also not fighting so you could sit on your ass and make jokes, but when a starving child comes up to you no matter what race and illegal or not no one should be able to ignore it. The fact is that yeah, immigrants make cheeper labor so yes they do tend to get jobs in replace of the white american, but if you were truley worth it then you wouldnt be the one fired. in may noy be the wild but understand its always survival of the fittest, just because were spoiled and live in america doesnt mean there isnt other amazing 1st world countries to explore. if you were worth it you wouldnt have been fired or the one complaining, so get up and make something of youre self dont just sit around and wait for it to come to you because illegal or not theyre the ones atleast trying as hard as they can to put food on the table, stop complaining and return the favor.

  82. Nelly says:

    Hi, I came to this country when i was one year old. I have been here ever since. I attended grade school from 1-12th grade but i never graduated high school, but I do meet all the other requirements. Do I have to go back to finish my school or do i still qualify?

  83. Ivone says:

    I am a dreamer and I am an AEROSPACE QUALITY INSPECTOR…to all you lame as pple critisising us dreamers we weir braught here with out a choice nor opinion.. And wat jobs are we taking from you the job of living off the goverment let me give you jus a few example I kno this gurl dat calls me monthly she sells me her food stamps my sister a citizen of the U S and has no job with two kids and shes asks for help.. Wat a shame you should b thankin us for those who dont claim taxes and the goverment dat keeps the money to support you and some of ur people..shame on you..if you dont remeber the economy drpped after soo many mexicans weir deported..after 911..therefore stop talking all your shit. We only want equal opportunities in the land of “freedom” we are not going to take your welfare we promise.. Weir only gona give you guys more money to live on..

  84. Ximena says:

    alright so i came here illegaly when i was 4 and when i was 14 we decided to go back to mexico and when i was 16 i wanted to com back again so i came back here illegally again. . . Do i still qualify for the dream act? i am 17 and a halff know and currently in high school..

  85. Ximena says:

    alright so i came here illegaly when i was 4 and when i was 14 we decided to go back to mexico and when i was 16 i wanted to com back again so i came back here illegally again. . . Do i still qualify for the dream act? i am 17 and a halff know and currently in high school? i am a senior

  86. unknown says:

    i have a question i got here at 4 years old im about to be 16 and im a junior in high school.can i qualify?and if i can how long can it take and how much would it be to get a lawer and do all the things?

  87. Bris says:

    I am 19 yrs old and im married. My hus
    bands father got his citizenship and when we married he put in an applicatiom to fix our immigration status. The application is still in
    Does that affect me in any way ? Can i still apply ?

  88. Juless says:

    i turned 16 on november , moved over to the USA on December (came here legally), gratuated high school , just finish college , 21years old now , dont have any kind of criminal record . could i still apply ?

  89. danny says:

    I am 21 years old, I graduated from elementary school, middle school, high school, and graduated from college. I moved to the USA when I was 10 years old.Does speeding tickets or parking tickets count as criminal records?

  90. neidia erives says:

    hi i was brought here at age 11 i graduated high school in 2007 right now im 22 years old. Could i apply for the DREAM Act.??

    • Yessica says:

      Yes you can. You had to be here for the past 5 years, and have proof for it. It can be anything that shows your name and date. Just to prove you were here for those 5 years. For example bank account statements, school papers, letters, etc…Also you will need proof that you were here on june 15. You will need a high school diploma or ged and no misdemeaners.

  91. carlos says:

    i came here at the age of 17, graduated from high school here in America, been living consecutive for 7 years to the date, 25 years old with no criminal record, am i still eligible?

  92. Liz says:

    Hi I have a question what happened I havent got my high school diploma because I didnt pass cahsee one portion of the exam could I still qualify for dream act. I am enroll college .

  93. Ismael says:

    Ok, I do understand almost all The requirments but One… I came to united states when I was 14, II graduated from High School, have no criminal record, I have been here for 16 years…. Im 30 years and 4 months now…. Is that consider over 30??? Thanks for your help…

  94. Micheal says:

    I have a question. How will this affect me, a visa dependent? I met the requirements but i did not come in US illegally.

  95. Victoria says:

    I was on probation once my whole life, for shoplifting at the mall .That is the only felony I have commited I am 16 in high school going to be a junior will I still be able to apply? Please reply I would appreciate it very much .

  96. Jayleen Crespo says:

    Hello everyone, I have a question … Are you still eligible for the dream act if you got expelled from school for marijuana? Even though I never got put on probation I just had to do ADS and community service through a division program not the real court. If somebody could please answer this question i’d highly appriciate it.

  97. I meet all the requirements but i still don’t have my high school diploma.I still need a couple of months before i get it. So am i still eligeble for the dream act?

  98. lisa says:

    i have a brother in law who is a residence but was recently picked up by immigration when he was getting off work. he had a drug case back when he was 18 did his time and they dropped it to a misdemeanor this was 10yrs ago. he graduated, he has a legit job, his own house i mean what would be the problem?

  99. Alex says:

    Can I apply if I am currently taking classes for my GED?

  100. jinbel says:

    Hi can please asnwer me. I am 16 when i got here and i was pregnant that time. I did not get a chance to go to HS here in US to get GED. I am 22 now. can I still get the GED? and even I’m grad HS in my country?

  101. bel says:

    Hi can please someone asnwer me. I am 16 when i got here and i was pregnant that time. I did not get a chance to go to HS here in US to get GED. I am 22 now. can I still get the GED? and even I’m grad HS in my country?

  102. bel says:

    Hi can please someone asnwer me. I am 16 when i got here in US and i was pregnant that time. I did not get a chance to go to HS here in US to get GED. I am 22 now. can I still get the GED? and even I’m grad HS in my country?

  103. Jose says:

    My name is Jose and I currently am 17 years old. I entered the U.S. back in 2004 when i was 9 years old (8 years ago, 9 years this October) I have been in attending school, gotten good grades, Honor certificates, Honor Classes, Presidential award (I’m not sure if its worth as much as it sounds), participated in my high school’s track team, and never been in trouble with the law or school. I would like to know if I meet the requirements to apply for the Dream Act even though I’m still not finished with High School. To who ever is reading this and answers my question, I would truly like to thank you for your time.
    Jose A.

    • Sulma says:


      My you can apply you have to be at least 15 and be in school OR have a diploma or a GED. To any body else out there if you have no criminal record and you think you qualify please apply because even if you did not qualify they will not report you to ICE or the policy as long as you are not a threat to the Country

  104. Pedroa says:

    I am currently about to be a high school freshman? Do i qualify?

  105. Mg says:

    If I currently going to do my ged can I still cualify I been in the us since 5yrs old didnt graduate due to health problems I have 3 kids that are born herr in the us can I still wualify

    • Sulma says:

      I have a friend that is also currently getting her GED you have to have but i would think that as soon as you get it you can apply for it because then you will have proof.

  106. Chuck101 says:

    It says that you must be in school and have a High School diploma or GED.
    But what if your still in High School?
    Can I still apply?

  107. gladdy says:

    I have a friend, she came here 15 years old, graduated high school and from university. She just turned 31 this June 2012. Is she included in this new law? Pls advise

  108. Cesar says:

    Can I Apply Even If I’m Still In High School?

  109. Francisco says:

    Ruidoso, NM 88345
    August 7, 2012

    Dear Adreamact:

    I would like to make this simple so let me get to the point. I desire with all my heart to join the US Navy and so I would like to know if Obama’s Dream Act can help me get there. Please allow me to explain my situation. My name is Francisco and I was born In Mexico. I am an undocumented worker or as most people like to say I am an “illegal”. I came to the US when I was 15 with my family and since then I have worked hard to earn the right to be called an American. I have come to realize that the best way to prove my loyalty and love for this country would be to put my life on the line and fight for it, but most of all I want to join the Navy because I want to experience all that life as to offer.

    I am a 30 year old man, single, no kids, and no police record (besides a couple or speeding tickets). I have spent the last year bettering myself; reading, writing, singing, pushing my body as hard as I can so I can be ready and worthy of joining Navy.

    If you can help me in any way please let me know. I welcome any and all help you can give me.

    Respectfully yours;

    Francisco J Robles

    • Sulma says:


      To my knowledge as long as you were 31 before the day the law past on June 15 you can apply and you say you are only 30 i would definitely apply if you were not to qualify they will not do anything to you as long as you don’t cause a threat to the Country. Also this is a SSN they are given you that you can apply to school with so my guess would be that you could join the navy. If i were you i would differently try.


  110. Yveth says:

    Would my banck account reports help to prove than i’ve been living in the united states for the past 5 yrs?

  111. Dennis Rivers says:

    Hello my name is Dennis and im currently 25 years old graduated from high school here in the United Statates and currently attending collage. My question is i entered the U.S. when i was 17 years old, would i be able to qualify for the dream act?

  112. cynthia says:

    My nephew is 13 and he was brought here when he was 6 months old. He has been here since than. His average is 97%. He is going to become a Junior this year. Is he eligible now ?Or would he has to wait until he graduates or would it be to late.

  113. I have a dream says:

    I am 15 years old can I apply I came here when I was 2 and still studying ???

  114. julio says:

    The official who briefed reporters said 1,200 illegal immigrants who were already pending in the deportation system have been granted deferred action.

    The legal status — and a work permit — will last for two years at first, but can be renewed again, meaning those who qualify can remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation, and with the right to work.

  115. julio says:

    The official who briefed reporters said 1,200 illegal immigrants who were already pending in the deportation system have been granted deferred action.

    The legal status — and a work permit — will last for two years at first, but can be renewed again, meaning those who qualify can remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation, and with the right too work.

  116. Racist_ppl_should_get_lynched_4_once says:

    Hey to Travis if everyone thought like you, you wouldn’t have been born in this great nation either because remember white folks stole it from the natives, so maybe we should ALL LEAVE AND LET THE NATIVES HAVE SOME FUN! What stupid response do you have for this comment, I’m curious because stupid people have stupid red neck comments and red necks are entertaining

  117. wyo ming says:

    Hurry, get your relatives and friends here quickly. There is incication that ICE/INS are not verifying requirements to stay under Dream Act, just taking word of person.

  118. veronica says:

    I meet all requirements except i did a big mistake… i got a ticket for truancy 6 years ago and didn’t show up to court… can i still apply??

  119. mayra says:

    Hi, I came the U.S. when I was 16 years and 11 months with visa I complete HS and I’ve been here for 10 years without leaving the country and continued studying. my question is if I can still apply?

  120. Carlos says:

    I’m currently not enrolled in college and didn’t graduate from high school but I’m planning to register to a community college soon. Can I still apply?

  121. Eric Lemus says:

    I would like to know if me as a high school student is going to be able to get this permit? I am a senior and my dream is to go to college and be someone in life!

  122. Cleyton says:

    I came to america in 2004, i got here on June, 2004. I was 16 years old then, i became 16 in March, 2004… i started high school on September, but i drop out in 2006 because my mother’s death, so i didn’t finish High school. Now i am 24 years old, working at mcdonalds.. i think i can go back to my old high school and get the records, and go to the hospital and get records of those years, i never left the country in all this almost 9 years. Am i eligible to apply?

  123. inaki says:

    not all immigrants are mexicans there’s alot of asians,sudamericans,australians. We might be the most populated race but i think this dream act would really benefit us students. To prove once and for all that we are not here just to have babies or commit crimes, we are here to learn, to adapt to a new culture that is different from the one we were borned from. this will prove that us immigrants help out this country more then they think so!

  124. John Preston says:

    Why are we acting so ignorant , come on people we’re living in “Common Era” 21st century dude. I don’t see why we act so “EVIL”! GOD created us… This “WORLD” that we live in doesn’t even belong to us . We need eachother ! We are all smart . And you got to admit ,Latinos are hard workers ! I dont see any other race willing to work hard and sweat there ass off for minimum wage dude RIGHT!” I know i wouldn’t ! We need to respect eachother MORE!
    In a Hundred years from now all this shit wont matter! So why can’t we all just live our lives the way we want to ,That’s why GOD died on that cross for us! So that he could give us freedom of choice , and to forgive us for not being perfect !


  125. yadira says:

    i graduated from high school but i didnt pass one of the subjects in the cahsee exit exam can i still be eligible ?

  126. Alexander says:

    Why do illegal immigrants get this special treatment when legals like me get put down? how is this fair, and from my understanding i DON’T qualify for the dream act. But i could be wrong. Please advise, here is my situation..
    I moved to the US 5 years ago from England as a dependent on my parents E2 (investment visa), i’m 18 years old. Graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and a 29 on my ACT. I want to start collage soon. Ive never even been pulled over, I renew my I94 always on time. My parents company employes over 30 american citizens.
    If this act is really what its called (dream) then why are so many LEGALS getting their dreams destroyed by this administration? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Andrew says:

      I agree… I came here when I was 14… on tourist visa, then my mother decided to switched to F1, so I was F2. then switched to E2 (business). while all these were happening I graduated high school, changed my visa status to F1. Now I go to University of Texas as Austin with F1. I want to stay, so I played everything by the book. and now when my visa I have to leave. What kind of s&*# is this? Honestly, I thought American dream was about you get your opportunity if you play everything by the book.

  127. mando says:

    Im under the procedure of removal vy an immigration judge but i came in when i was 9 and im currently 20 i graduated from high school and only have a class C misdeameanor i can prove i am of good moral caracter. Do i still qualify for the dream act? someone plzz help

  128. Blanca says:

    Hola, mi Hermana Entro alos 16 anos con 3 meces,es posible que pueda aplicar para este permiso??

  129. Paulo says:

    I been in the USA when I was 9 years old and I’m now 23 years old been to school all the grade and finish with all my credit but didn’t get the diploma cuz I didn’t pass the fcat which is require to get diploma and can’t get Ged cuz they ask me for my s.s. And I don’t have it. Can that affect me to not get the dream act??

  130. jacki says:

    I know I qualify..my question is what do we do after we apply and get approved?

  131. jacki says:

    I know I was here on the 15 how do I prove that I was here? I think I was home all day

  132. Oz says:

    what if you have tattoos and are under age but still have no crime and still in school and have been here like all your life will the tattoos have any affect ?

  133. Pete says:

    I came here when i was 15 in october 2010 and overstayed my waiver visa
    i have never done anything against the law
    i have a high school diploma from NY State
    im now 17 years old

  134. mexicanooo says:

    For all of you saying that us Mexicans should not be in the US…. watch this movie is call “A Day with a Mexicans” perfect example

  135. Mr.. Mileena says:

    All i can do is shake my head y people y when will it stop people who say negative things about other race are your typical bullies so the best thing to do is just ignore reason they just want attention, the attention they dont get on facebook , home, or at work y because they are lonely inside , but wait if you bullies need hug or a shoulder to lean on i give you mine and thats real talk coming fromm a salvadorian keywuuuthaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………

  136. jeff says:

    what immigratio forms must be filled our for the dream act?

  137. la_nika says:

    I have only one concern. My husband came to the US when he was 4. He is currently 22. We met in high school freshman year. He graduated from high school, does not have any crimanal records, has a social, payed taxes. Last year, I was planning my wedding, we were supposed to get married this year in March, then the ICE police came in July of last year knocking at my door, he opened and ICE took him away from me. He got deported the week later.So I couldn’t get married to my husband because we were told it was easier to get married in his country so my husband sign the voluntary deportation form. We both had to get married in a country that neither of us knew. He considers the US his country. Now my question is can the DREAM ACT apply for my husband even though he is already deported for a year?

  138. jen n hen says:

    Can i still apply even though i was 16 at the time i started school

  139. Jackie says:

    I have everything but an ID, just my school ID. I was brought to this country in 2005 & been enrolled in school ever since. Is there any way i can get it without the ID?

  140. adrian says:

    Please ker me know where i can get the application.for the dream act

  141. Jenny says:

    I was brought to this country at the age of 5 or 6. I finished high school and even got my Associate of Arts Degree, but was unable to transfer to continue my education and attain my BA, due to my immigration status. I am 35 years of age, and a single mom of . I do not receive public assistance, and I am currently on a deportation status as the application my mom(a US Resident) filed when I was 15 fell thru the cracks. I was detained for 3 months, but released on a technicality. I now check in to INS every 3 months and pray each time that I do not get detained and taken away from my children again….does this Act help me at all?

  142. Carla says:

    i have a question,i qualify for everything except that at 16 years old i use to hang out with the wrong person and i went to jail got out in 3 weeks because they didn’t find any evidence on me,they have told me they were going to erase anything that had to do with me with that case and that i wasn’t going to have any record on me.Now my question is if it will appear if i’m trying to apply for the form,or if it got erased,i’m so confused can anybody help me on this one???

  143. [...] in the U.S. Armed Forces.History of the DREAM ActIt was already rejected a couple of years ago but has been reintroduced in 2009 by the Democrats with full support from President Barack Obama. This bill is expected to be a main deciding factor [...]

  144. edison says:

    i came when i was 15 and a half years old…can i qualifly ??

  145. Vanessa Guzman says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa I came here when I was 3 1/2 and I have stayed here since then. Do I need to show proof that I have lived here every year since 1998?

  146. Adriana says:

    My husband was brought here at age 13 he went to school and got is high school diploma . He had 4 traffic violations for not having a drivers licence and he made a bad choice and got a dui . Everything was taken care of , he paid all his fines, went to all his courts,and went to all his classes. Other than that he has had no other problems with drug , domestic violance , theft or any other crime. I am a U.S citizen and we have bin married for 6 years. I want to file an application to sponsor him for his green card , but he would have to leave the country with no guarantee that it will be approved. Is it possible to apply for the dreamact and get him legalized first and then apply for permanent residency so he does mot have to leave the country ?

  147. maria says:

    hi iam 22 yrs old i was brought here wen i was 1yr &11 month but i havent gotten my diploma i still gotta go take my math & science task do i still quilfy

  148. Ivan says:

    I was 17 years old when i come to US .. Theres any chanse to apply .. Please help ….

  149. Katy says:

    Hi I’m 22 I came to the U.S at 17 attended high school an graduated got my diploma.. Tried to apply for. College but due to my pending status an me not being citizen it cost 2x”s much so I never went college.. I got to my dead end 2yrs ago I hardly get work cause no one accepts tax Ids hOw can the dream act help me if it applies from age 16?? P.s I got squeaky clean record!!

  150. Dan says:

    Will this work permit, will you be able to leave the state and come back ? Or does the permit only work in USA ?

  151. betty ramirez says:

    i have all the requirements but i came to usa with a visa and its not expired… do i qualify???

  152. Joanie says:

    Can a student currently in high school qualify?

  153. Lovely5 says:

    Will drug test/blood test be in any way involved in this ?

  154. angee says:

    Hi! I am currently enroll at scholl, I am almost 30 years but I entered when I was 20

  155. blanca says:

    my name is blanca i came to the united stares when i was 12.. i went to school and graduated from high school last year but i couldnt go to college because i didnt have any money.im working now but i want to go to college next year..can i still apply for the differed action?

  156. ludwin says:

    my name is ludwin i came to the united states when i was 4 years old i came with a tourist visa..i am actually going to high school. i am 15 years old now and i want to know if i can use my expired passport to apply for the differed action or if i need a new passport?

  157. jose says:

    hi my name is jose im 16 years old i came to this country when i was 9 im still in high school does the mean i cant apply for this since you have to be graduated from high school??

    • jdmm says:

      u still can bro cause it says IF IN HIGH SCHOOL or GRADUATED..im in highschool too bro ,so yea u can still apply

      • Helen Rodriguez says:

        Rita, thank you for taking the time to help me with my husband’s application, I was not aware that he was able to apply for his green card now. When we came to your office we thought he could only apply for the dream act. We are so happy to know that he does not have to leave the country to receive his documents…

      • Rita Garcia says:


        No problem, please let me know when you will be able to return the client questionaire, do not forget to contact them to obtain his passport, the appiontment for his green card will be in December.

  158. Rita says:

    How do I establish that I am currently in school?
    Documentation sufficient for you to demonstrate that you are currently in school may include, but is not limited to:

    evidence that you are enrolled in a public or private elementary school, junior high or middle school, high school or secondary school; or
    evidence that you are enrolled in an education, literacy, or career training program (including vocational training) that is designed to lead to placement in postsecondary education, job training, or employment and where you are working toward such placement, and that the program is funded in whole or in part by federal or state grants or is of demonstrated effectiveness; or
    evidence that you are enrolled in an education program assisting students either in obtaining a regular high school diploma or its recognized equivalent under State law (including a certificate of completion, certificate of attendance, or alternate award), or in passing a General Educational Development (GED) exam or other such state-authorized exam, and that the program is funded in whole or in part by federal or state grants or is of demonstrated effectiveness.
    Such evidence of enrollment may include: acceptance letters, school registration cards, letters from school or program, transcripts, report cards, or progress reports showing the name of the school or program, date of enrollment, and current educational or grade level, if relevant. If you are enrolled in school, you may qualify for the dream act… Contact Rita Garcia 714-271-9575

  159. kevin says:

    i have a question i was 16 years old when i came to this country do i QUALIFY for the dream act

  160. Claudia says:

    Love them haters!

  161. David C says:

    Question: I am 16 right now and still in school (11th grade). should i apply for this right now or should i wait because either way if i don’t have this permission, immigration cant take me out of this country due to the fact that that i am currently still a student. or should i act now knowing that the laws in this country can change at any given time and knowing that the obama presidency is coming to an end?

  162. itzy says:

    do you need to hava a matricula del consular and a passport as a required?

  163. Gray Area says:

    [...] DREAM Act (The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act) is a bi-partition bill introduced to Congress in 2001 and reintroduced in 2009 by Utah (R) Senator Orion Hatch and [...]

  164. claudia says:

    Rita can you help me? Not sure if I qualify for the defere action. I have a clean record, I been in the US since 1985, I attened high school and I graduated high school in the US,I am currently enrolloed in a community college. I will transfering next year to the university. However, I am 35 years old.

  165. Rita says:

    I’m sorry, you are 35 and you would have to be under 31.
    Just to give you hope, we continue fighting to see if we can in the future help people in your situation.

  166. Milton says:

    I graduated from high school this year, I’ve been here since I was one and can prove it, but I have a criminal record but no felonys, can I still apply?

  167. Rita says:


  168. jean says:

    Thanks Rita for helping here,God bless you

  169. edgar says:

    im edgar i came to the united states when i was 9. i have my high school diploma and i attended community college for two and a half years until i got pulled over on my way to work by border patrol and was sent to mexico in 2010. i have no criminal record but can i still apply??

  170. Claudia says:

    Thanks so much! Let me know if anything changes please.

  171. Rita Garcia says:

    Edgar, please contact me on monday so we can discuss 714-271-9575

    • Miguel Gonzalez says:

      Rita Garcia, thank you for helping my Daugters with ther work permit. My daughter Gisela received her work permit yesterday and we are so happy. Thank you again for all the work you did. My Brother will be contacting you next week to see if you can help him with his wife’s case. Thank you again.

  172. Rosi says:

    Hi Rita i was woundering what are all the requirements for the dream act application, i have been living in the united states since i was nine years old, i graduate from high school, i been married for four years and don’t have any criminal record.

  173. jackeline says:

    what if u have all the requirements but you have tattoos?(not gang stuff) can u still qualify?

  174. jose villeda says:

    I was turned into ice and forced to sign a volutary derparture. for driving with no seat belt and no license, i was brought into the us at the age of 5, i graduated from high school in 2010. i have no crimanal background. can i benifit, since im already in mexico?

  175. Kari says:

    Hi. My husband was brought here when he was about 1 yrs old by family illegally. Born in Mexico. We have been together about 11yrs, married for 6 of them. He has graduated highschool and we have his diploma. Times are getting harder and he needs to work. He has no convictions or anything like that. We are just trying to raise our family (2 children) and try to provide a good life. He is 29yrs old. How can I apply for this “dream act” for him? I need help as he turns 30 in April of next year…

  176. Rita Garcia says:

    Please contact me tomorrow at 714-271-9575 for a consultation. Regards, Rita Garcia

  177. Rita Garcia says:

    Rosi, e-mail me your questions or contatc me at 714-271-9575

  178. Rita Garcia says:


  179. shey m says:

    wow travis to your reply you are obviously ignorant. cause well you don’t obviously know how to use the word WHERE properly
    “well thats good about time america actually catches the fucking illegal immigrants go back to wear you came from and live over there”

    the proper word to use in between to and you is WHERE not WEAR.

    so do not judge! because apparently we are smarter than you!

  180. Dennis says:

    This question is mente for Rita. First off is your office in ell toro or something like that? Next question is. My brother in laws son was brought to the United States at the age of 5. He’s turning 11 this October and I’m wondering if he still qualified for the dream act (16 and minor still in school) He has all proper documentation proving he has been in school since his arrival to the United States. Report cards, emuzation record, school reward, etcétera. Please please please I can’t stress this enough some one have an answer for me??

  181. Rita Garcia says:

    Kari, Please call me to discuss his options 714-271-9575.

  182. Rita Garcia says:

    My office is in Tustin, CA and he has to be at least 15 to apply.

  183. Daniela G says:

    How do I check if I have a record of anything? I only got cought one time for stealing a bracelet when I was 10(which I regret), but they didnt take fingerprints or call police since I was a minor, they just sent a bill to my house and took my information like what school I went to my adress, hair color,weight, ect.., The bill was never payed. is that a record?

  184. Oscar Bustamante says:

    I would just like to say thank you Mrs. Garcia for helping me on getting my work permit. I’ve been trying to have this opportunity to be out there job hunting with out any fear of been rejected by any American Architecture Company. I have 1 more years to complete my Architecture Degreed and thanks to you Mrs. Garcia i will have my dream come real. I’ve given all my collage friends and anyone i know your Business cards for them to get the best professional service from someone like your self as a Hispanic professional women and spanish speaker, someone the really understand what we feel and know how hard we work to have the American Dream.

    I can now relax knowing my family and i can stay in this country we love & worked so hard for. Thanks again Mrs. Garcia for changing my life.

    Oscar Bustamante
    Architecture Designer

  185. allan says:

    hello i need a little help with this. about two years ago i was caught trespassing with some people i shouldnt have been with but i was taken by the police. my case never went trough the judge they just gave me a warning in court to stop hanging out with those people and to report anything i was doing to an officer for three months. do i still qualify for the dream act because aside from that i have been a A’s and B’s student and have been here in the U.S for 7 years i am 16 right now and im a junior in high school do you think that i still qualify?

  186. Rita Garcia says:

    i will give you a phone consultation, please contact me 714-271-9575.

  187. Rita Garcia says:

    Contact me at 714-271-9575

  188. Rita Garcia says:

    Please ask one of your parents to contact me at 714-271-9575

  189. Monica Q says:

    Hello Rita I’m 31 years old & I came before 16 plus I have all the other documents that prove I’ve lived here since 2005. Do I qualify?

  190. Carlos says:

    I have a problem and need help.I know I qualify because I have been living here for 20 years,I have no criminal record,and I graduated high school.The problem the I have is that I have no proof of residency for the 2007 to 2010.I graduated on 2006.After graduation I started working off the books and I have no bills going to my name until 2011.

  191. Judy Chung says:

    Hello i from Cambodia I cum 2 dayz ag0 wen i get dis? i wan na0. i liek american food and eat pizza wid da black manz
    help me get dis so i continue eat wid da black manz

  192. Luis says:

    I would just like to say how much i appreciate the help of Rita Garcia law office in helping me with my INS Application. Her office helped me receive a good responds from the INS in 30 days. If i would not have received my documents i would have not been able to stay in this country. I am so very pleased with the help Rita Garcia gave me and would highly recommend her. I thank her law office so very much too!!

  193. Luis says:

    We would just like to say how much we appreciate the help of Rita Garcia law office in helping us with our INS Documents. Their office helped us receive a fast respond from the INS Department. We are so very pleased with the help they gave us and would highly recommend Rita Garcia. We thank Rita Garcia and their law office so very much!!

  194. Chiquita says:

    I’m 28 yrs old and I came to the US when I was 7(1991). I went back to my country for 2 yrs and came back to the US when I was 15. Both times I came legally. But I left back to my country when I was 20 yrs old in 2004 for 6 months and came back to the US legally. I have my High School Diploma. Do I still qualify even tho my last entry was when I was 20?

  195. Mazamba says:

    I left the US shortly after I graduated, but I’d lived there since I was 11. Do I still qualify?

  196. Marisol says:

    I came here when I was only 4 years old….I am now in high school and have work hard to get this far and with much more hard work i am going to get my diploma, become the fist of my family to do so. America has granted us Immigranted a great opportunity, thank you….when see the thing people have said I feel shame, I don’t know how people can be so rude

  197. Rita Garcia says:

    Please contact me to discuss, 714-271-9575

  198. Joe Mama says:

    My parents came here as immigrants in the early 50′s from Europe. Their early life in this country was very similar to the hard working people that come here illegaly. Biggest difference was that they did not have to constantly worry about being arrested and deported. My dad work for crap wages in a sweat shop. His biggest dream was the same as anyone who comes to this country. Hoping their kids lives would turn out to be better than theirs and I ask what the is wrong with that!!!!!!

  199. Pedro Ramirez says:

    Helli Rita. Can you please help me and my dad? We have all the papers and met tje requirements but I need help getting the application and filling it out. Casn you please help us?

  200. Rita Garcia says:

    No problem, please contact me at 714-271-9575

    • sophy says:

      hi someone i know who ho came to US 1 month after turning 16. is he still eligible to apply for the dream act. its really hard for people to work for low wages and be taken advantage of. i really need help for this person because its really hard for me to see people struggle and be walked over please help me with this i will greatly appreciate it.

  201. Gilberto Ramires says:

    The referral to Rita Garcia was met with significant skepticism because – 1. After i wach the news of all the proaganda. 2. I was warned that fees were a sign of a scam. 3. Why pay someone when i can get it for FREE. Because of the referral and after doing the research, I chose Rita Garcia, though not without a degree of trepidation and, frankly, much hope. Throughout the process, which took over a 45 days, my calls were promptly returned, questions answered, and I was kept informed as to the progress of my application. The outcome was more than satisfactory. I am grateful for the integrity and work of Rita Garcia. After nearly 20 years the pressure is finally off.


    Gilberto Ramires

  202. cheyenne says:

    im a current high school student and are studying and learning about immigration laws. one question i have to ask is do you believe that immigration laws impact unempolyment?

  203. Ignacio Tapia says:

    Sr. Rita gracias por la alluda que nos ofresio para mis 3 hijos. por el momento nos sentimos que estamos en buenas manos. ya que trate varios lugares que ofresian los servicios gratis pero como me imaguino que son voluntario creo que no tiene la educasion preparada para casos tan importantes como esta ley y creo que uno paga asta mas alto por tratar de horrarse un dinero por ultimo biene pagando lo doble. mis hijos estan contestisimos por los animos que les dio y asta mas animos les dio para que siguan el estudio. que dios me la bendiga Sr. Rita. esta maniana le pedie a Dios que me la bendiga muncho. munchas gracias

  204. Pedro says:

    Hello Rita, if I apply and qualify will I be able to get a Driver’s license and apply for a job?

  205. Rita Garcia says:


  206. Ryan says:

    I was born here, The government won’t even give me food stamps. You need to go away, all of you. Back from whence you came. You don’t deserve the money, money from a country you stumbled upon, when there are many, many people born here in desperate need.

    Face the truth. Your countries have done nothing but filled up our bubble and your bursting it.

  207. Pedro says:

    I do qualify I allready checked with my lawyer, I was just asking you If I could get a job and a drivers license

  208. luis ortega says:

    okay i was born in Mexico march 24 1986 im now 26 i came to the usa when i got out of hospital never been back what can i do to up Taine any kinda papers i was told that im a US citizen by birth bc of my father was born in the US i have some paper work im not sure what all i need i have my birth papers with his name on it saying he from the US and i have his as well what do i need to do pls help

  209. Chris says:



  210. Joy says:

    Let’s say the DREAM ACT gets passed, will I still be eligible to apply for it if I leave the US? I just got accepted to a US College and am currently planning on applying for a student Visa.

  211. Jose Hernandez says:

    Hola abogada Rita, solo cuiero darles las gracias por ofresernos todo el apoyo y su servicio. todo fue exelente. Recivimos nuetra cita con immigracion, ya nos dieron nuestros permisos de trabajo para mi y mis 2 hermanas. todo esta en proseso para que nos den nuestra licensia de manego. es un sueno que fue realidad. aun no lo podemos creer que gracias a personas como usted nuestros suenios se van aser realidad.

    Munchas gracias Abogada Rita. Mi madre queria que me comunicara con usted para invitarla a nuestra casa pero le digue que usted es una Seniora muy ocupada que cuisas no iva a tener tiempo de acompaniarnos a nuestra celebrasion. Pero gracias por toda la ayuda que nos ofrtesio. todo paso exelente y sin ningun problema. ojalas que le gente como nosotros aprobechen esta oportunidad.

    Que dios la vendiga.

    Jose Hernandez

  212. Maria Saltillo says:

    Sra, Garcia. le cuiero dar las gracias por alludarme con mis 4 hijos. Ahora que ya tienen el permiso de trabajo nos sentimos mas megor. al saver que ya van a poder manejar sin ninguna preocupasion de que los pare la policias y les cuite el carro y que ya van reportar sus taxes al fin de el anio es una alluda grandisima. mis hijos estan bien contentos que les alludo y ya cuieren mandar a todos los companieros que ellos tienen. Tambine yo le voy a recomendar a mis companiero de trabajo que se comunicuen con usted. ojala que si pueda alludar a todos.

    Gracias Sra Garcia por darnos el mejor servicio que emos tenido que fue muy profesional.

  213. Angela says:


    do i still have a chance to qualify for the “Dream Act” if i came 4 months after my 16th birthday :( ?

  214. Marco Santana says:

    Extremely pleased!!!

    Rita Garcia she is by far amazing. She worked hard to allow my family and myself to stay in this country with amazing results.

    To make a long story short my work permit is on my wallet.I will be telling everyone I know about Rita Garcia. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You office staff are simply amazing. Extremely helpful and friendly. Always attentive. My family and I are truly grateful for all of your help. I just can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!!!

  215. [...] difference it can make. However, while Obama has made an effort to sway the latino voters with his Dream Act, what effort has Romney made to appeal to the Hispanic population? Contrary to popular belief, he [...]

  216. keyla says:

    Hi i just want to know if i can still apply for The Dream act even though im still in highschool and about to graduate early this fall? Any answers will be much helpful.

  217. Brenda says:

    Hi,Rita Garcia
    My sister is 27 yrs old. She’s been in the USA since she was 6yrs old. She graduated high school and College. The only problem is that since elementary till she finished college. She used my fathers last name. But that’s not the last name on her birth certificate or school records. The birth certificate has my mothers last name. In the USA the parents have to register their children with. The fathers. Last name. How can you help? Does my sister have hope in the Dream Act? Please help!

  218. Angelica Castro says:

    Sra Rita cuiero darle las gracias por aver tomado el tiempo en alludarme con todos los documentos necesarios para mi permiso de trabajo. No pense que iva ser tan rapido pero con las ancias y nervios que tenia se me iso bien cortito el tiempo que tomo para que reciviera la cita con INS. tenia tanto miedo presentarme, pero con la ayuda de estued, todo salio exactamente como usted me lo digo. estoy contentisima con los resultados que iso. fue increible. mi prima me digo que tiene cita con usted!!! espero que si le allude. gracias por todo Sra. Rita.

    Angelica Castro

  219. Texas Nanna says:

    For all of you applying, congrats to you. I am a teacher of ESL. I know that you will help keep our country young and I am glad you are here. Please, if you can, don’t respond to people who are using this forum inappropriately. They are afraid because they are ignorant. Pity them and let success be your best revenge against them. Make the US better, in spite of them. As for illegal over legal. Illegal wouldn’t be illegal if the laws were changed. MLK fought laws that are now no longer in place, and history has shown us they were wrong. They worked against us as a country. Immigration laws will follow. By 2050 90 percent of our growth in population will be immigrants. That is what made us great, and will continue. Populations change, and that’s ok. If we work together and use reason, instead of emotion with not facts or education behind it, we will be more than fine. Change is painful. Thank you for taking up the fight to better yourselves and to be part of this country. Work hard, get the most education you possibly can, and pass it on.

  220. mary a. says:

    @ Rita,I would like yo know if I could do ANYTHING to help my husband,who. Has been in the US since he was 17,we are married have been for 10 years,we have 3 kids,he has always been our provider,he has been deported 3time3 before,once again we find ourselves in the same situation, at this moment he is in the county jail,and will be deported st any time,is thier ANYTHING we can do for him so that we can have him here with us, he is the one that has been providing for us,I have no one who helps me, I no longer have parents and my siblings each have their own lives

  221. cody says:

    just Obtain a citizen ship and come here the right way like my uncle did its very simple cheaters who do it the illegal way will get caught and sent back is that to hard to understand

  222. Keshia Jones says:

    Dis Shit Whack

  223. diana says:

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  224. sin.chi chi says:

    Hello my name is Chi Chi I didn’t finished elementary school and high school my last grade is in grade 6 and now i’m 20 i really wanna go to college but college need certificate of grade 9 and 12 i stop studied for long time cuz i have illness but i really wanna go to college i wanna finish school like other kids my parents was died when i was 10 years old.i want to be a doctor please can i get online study?. i will try my best for this study just help me to get certificate of grand 9 and grand 12 i want to go to study at abroad cuz i want to study with one person he really important to me it is impossible but i want to make it i want to get certificate when i’m 21 please help me i really need to study i want to make my dream come true.whatever i know you must say i’m crazy but i want you to believe in me cuz i’m believing one motto is miracle is hard work i will try all my best if you help me…

  225. steve says:

    i am qulified in all all the ways!! i came to this country when i was 13 and i graguated in school here. and i am enrolled in collage. and i am only 18 bt i have not made 5 years only 4+ do i have a chance??

  226. Roberto Carriola says:

    Very Satisfied!!

    My experience with Mrs. Rita Garcia was an excellent one. She helped me from getting deported. She is so courteous and very helpful always returned my phone calls, and answered all my questions. If you like to stay here and get your work permit, Mrs. Garcia is the way to go. She is the BEST!! And fight to help your get your work permit.

    Roberto Carriola

  227. Samuel says:

    Great Help to Deal with a Stressful Situation for my Work permit.

    The quality of customer service that I have received during the process has been exceptional! Rita Garcia wes very patient and took the time I needed to explain the process to me and make sure that all required paperwork was submitted.

    She monitored the process and provided regular updates that helped the process continue and reduce my stress level (which was through the roof!) at the same time.
    Rita Garcia is high quality and reputable, unlike others that I inquired about prior to retaining the services of Mrs. Garcia. There were no false advertising…No slick “Wheeling and Dealing” – She reviewed my situation and gave me an honest assessment of the situation. No Pressure, no hassle, No fake promises – just good customer service.

    I highly recommend Mrs, Garcia to anyone that needs help to deal with horrible INS laws.

  228. Dianna Ramirez says:

    Sra, Rita. Esta maniana que mire mi correo recivi una carta de USCIS con mi permiso de trabajo. Munchas gracias Sra Rita por ayudarme con este servicio. que por sierto, fue rapidisimo. Por fin empesare un nuevo trabajo sin miedo y podre applicar para mi licensia de condusir. siguire mis estudios y are mi suenio americano real todo gracias a used y a Dios por luchar por todos los que estamos en este pais sin documentos. a mis 22 anios todavia tengo un gran futuro que biene en frente de mi sin barreras que me estaban tapando mis suenios.

    Gracias Sra Rita…

  229. Beto says:

    Ignorance is never bliss, Latinos. OPEN YOUR EYES?

    What makes you think Dream Act (Deferred Action) is not helping us!!!!
    Over 8 million Latinos will qualify for a work permit. If we hit that, our latinos will get stronger.
    Stop being so ignorant.
    I’m not saying this to be racist.
    I know plenty of latinos who are applying for the Deferred Action.

    The choice is yours.

    P.S. Thanks to Mrs. Rita Garcia for helping all my people i’
    ve send to get there work permit…

  230. Kenerth says:

    I am 24 not a high school graduate I’m enrolled into a GED program but not yet received it no criminal records am i eligible for the dream act ?

  231. Kenerth says:


    I’m attending school I don’t have a GED yet but I will soon I been here since the age of six . When I was 15 I got 2 curfew tickets will this affect me in any way ??

  232. Nancy says:

    I came to the USA at age 15 and I graduated from High School, and I have a good record the only thing it’s that I’m now 37 years of age, can I still apply dream act? thank you.

  233. Alison says:

    I came to America when I was 15, but didn’t get a job until about 6 months later. The only thing I have as proof during that time is a lease from where I lived at the time. Do you think that will work as proof? I have all my w-2′s from like 6 months later, but I was 16 years old then. Thanks for the help.

  234. Cesar says:

    Isn’t everybody in the U.S an Immigrant? Didn’t everyone come to this country because they didn’t like the country they were in? The only true Americans are the Indios (Native American) for those non-spanish speaking immigrants. Only difference is us Mexicans didn’t have to cross the ocean…just a little river.

  235. Carlos Zapata says:

    New driver’s license law for immigrants stirs debate in California

    A law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown late Sunday night qualifying hundreds of thousands of undocumented Californians for drivers’ licenses found a lukewarm response from the young immigrants it is supposed to benefit.

    “We’re tired of being used — as Dreamers, as immigrant youth — as a political football,” said Carlos Amador, who said the bill was symbolic and does little that is not long-standing policy at the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

    The bill, AB 2189, was one of the last of hundreds Brown signed before his midnight Sunday deadline and made national news within hours. It links California to a new Obama administration “deferred action” deportation relief policy granting work permits to illegal immigrants no older than 30 who came to the United States as children.

    The California bill makes clear that anyone approved for an Obama administration work permit can now get a state driver’s license.

    “President Obama has recognized the unique status of these students, and making them eligible to apply for driver’s licenses is an obvious next step,” said Brown spokesman Gil Duran, in a written release Monday.

    Some 400,000 Californians could be eligible for the federal work permits, but experts and activists said they probably didn’t need the new legislation to get a license.

    P.S Thank you Mrs. Rita Garcia for your help. Now i can drive anywhere i want with out fear to loose my car. Work permit and now my driver license wow i am in living my dream.

  236. emma says:

    my parents wont give my bith certificate even though im over 18

  237. Candy says:

    Hi I have a question I currently got a ticket for driving without no licence and I had to go to court one of the lawyers stepped me outside before I had to talk to the judge he told me about this DNA thing I could do and pay 75 dollars instead of paying the ticket and stuff so they took my DNA so I could be in the system and my fingerprints and picture . They told me my record would be clean after that. Of the police have my fingerprints and DNA will it affect me when I have to go take my fingerprints to have permission to be a citizen?

  238. janeth says:

    I came here when I was 14. 15 days after june 15 2007 can i still aply???

  239. Pedro Godoise says:

    Sra. Rita, Munchas gracias por darme la alluda con mi aplicasion. su servicio fue muy rapido y exelente. le agradesco la manera que recivio ami y mi familia. Pefesional, y cun muncha educasion. Espero que le guste el vino que le mande por agradesimiento.

    Gracias de nuevo,

    Pedro Godoise

  240. nallely stanley says:

    hi my name is nallely stanley. i wanted how i can qualify for the dream act, i been here since i was 2 days born and i when to school from elementary, middle school and high school, i dont have a high school i just need 5 credit to finished my high school but i need to leave school because my three years old was diagnostics with leukemia i need to focus on her. also i just got married with my husband. what can i do to qualify?

  241. Samuel says:

    ! Awesome Support !

    Rita Garcia is the best Attorney out there. So just want to let people know if you have difficultly getting your work permit I recommend you call Rita Garcia today She will give you an honest and straight forward answer on where you stand on your work permit. From day 1 I was given great support and guidance and she help me through each step of the way. She is friendly and professional. And knowing that i were in good hands me and my wife slept peacefully every night. I am forever great full to Rita Garcia. And I cannot thank her enough

  242. Yanielli says:

    Sra. Rita, es la mujor abogada que he conosido. esta maniana tube mi permiso de trabajo gracias a la Sra. Rita. Maniana me voy directo a las oficinas de Seguro Social para aplicar para mi seguro y despues al DMV. Estoy super contecta por fin are mis suenios realidad. Para todos los dreamers por favor no sean tontos y aplicuen para que siguan con sus estudios. el numero de la abogada es 714-271-9573. espero que no se enogue que di su numero Sra Rita pero se que esta super ocupada y no revisa esta paguina al diario y asi para que los dreamers se comunicuen con usted.

  243. Nice USA Citizen says:

    Hi – im not going to say or insult you Aliens. However,
    Why Are You TRASHING W H I T E S? OUR FOUNDING FATHERS were WHITE. This land was nothing before they got here.
    they Prayed, YES they prayed and GOD HELPED THEM.
    LONG LONG Ago Indians were here. They weren’t doing nothing with this land (yes, I AM WHITE, as You call us, I am also Spanish & American Indian). a few of my generations born here. However, IT took WHITES to come here, sacrafice a lot, AND Seeked GOD & with OUR CREATORS Help. WE became the USA. Praise GOD. :-) (slowly but surely). A Lot of you know people from other countries as well who, have tried learning English before they arive here. Then proceed to do things the right way. As Americans WE have to Follow LAWS of the Land. Some of you come here don’t even know ENGLISH; “and You are our Neighbors”. ????? OUR FOUNDING FATHERS were at one time where you are today but THEY knew ENGLISH – THEY seeked GOD. You can seek him TOO. “Nothing is impossible with HIM”…..You can, if you want, go to your Country and do the same, Make Your country like USA-CANADA -EUROPE. USE Your Smarts, ASK GODS HELP. BUT PLEASE DO NOT T R A S H AMERICANS. IF YOU THINK WE ARE WHITE TRASH then WHY WHY ARE YOU HERE? PLEASE SEEK GOD (ASK JESUS INTO YOUR HEART) God bless you all.

    • jack jack says:

      aliens? how about saying you people…you should seek God and stop calling people aliens..a christian would not call people aliens even tho the government does…and yes the founding fathers built this country but with the help of both legal and illegal immigrants and lets not forget about salves…the founding fathers didn’t do all the labor.

    • Corina says:

      I have to comment to one thing that stuck me out of all the things you wrote in your reply Nice USA Citizen.
      “LONG LONG Ago Indians were here. They weren’t doing nothing with this land (yes, I AM WHITE, as You call us, I am also Spanish & American Indian).”
      WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY Native Americans (or Indians as you called them) were not doing nothing with their land?!!
      This was THEIR LAND! from the very beginning, they were existing, living their lives …raising their families. Just because they disnt believe in out God, or ate our foods, or spoke our languages or had a thirst FOR GREED AND MONEY AND RICHES, DID NOT mean that they were doing NOTHING with this land! and that did not excuse or give us (WHITES) the right to slaughter them, and take away their land and shove those who survived into reservations! This is a big and sad part of history and sadly does not get taught in our schools. What the whites did to the Native Americans was genocide! comparable to what the Nazis did to the Jews.
      Please take the time to educate yourself about your countrys history.

  244. Lex says:

    So if I were to apply to this law, I would have to go to college even if I don’t want to and even if I don’t have the money or time to go?

  245. Jennifer Karman says:

    I am asking about a friend. I have been friends with a family for about 15 years. They came to the United States from Sweden when their daughter was 5 years old (in about 1998) she lived here through graduation and a few months beyond. Her parents divorced during her senior year and her father (he was the original green card holder, the family was here on his card) decided to offer no help in securing her paperwork to allow her to stay with her mom. He was angry at the way the divorce proceedings went and since her little brother and mom was staying in the U.S. without his control, he decided to express his anger on the only person he could, his daughter. She was not willing to ruin her chances of ever coming back, so she did the legal thing and went back to Sweden, where she now has to stay for a couple years before being able to try to come back.

    Sorry for the long intro, but my question, is there a way for her to come back under the DREAM act? She has met every criteria except that she left the country a couple months before the DREAM took effect. When she had to go back to Sweden it was like returning to a foreign country. She barely even speaks the language and now feels stuck so far away from her mom and her little brother (a U.S. citizen), I hope there is a way for her to come back home. I feel like she is being punished for following the rules and now even though she was here for 15 years straight, she had a break because she went back to Sweden, and missed the criteria of 5 years before passage, by just a few months.

  246. Ronnie says:

    Hello everyone, I’m a DJ (disc jockey) here in the US but I have came here when I was 2 1/2 years old…. Do by chance… Do you think I can apply for the dream act even tho I didn’t complete high school and didn’t do a GED course and isn’t enrolled in any institutes or colleges and also have a record that should be by now I assume not into actions cause it was three years ago? It’s was an minor crime that was by fault… Also can I get or use a high school transcript to prove I did go to school here? Basically I grew up here all my life America is my life…. Please if anyone can help me… You can email me or reply to my post… Your help will give me inspiration to a better and for me to have faith in myself…. I am 25 years old and single…

    Thanks you all in advance for the info and help…

  247. jesus says:

    Hi im 26yrs old i been in The u.s for The past 22yrs im curently in a college to finish my high school and get my diploma. I have a clean record and i want to apply for The dream act where do sign up for it or call.i also have a 5yr son born in The u.s does that effect me because i may owe some child support

  248. TARI MAA NI CHOOT says:


  249. Mex says:

    If you don’t believe in system and order then maybe you should go back home. We all have to share this planet that why it is governed if it wasn’t we would all be killing each other.Good example look at the middle east there is no law that governs everyone so all they do is kill each other because one feels there better then the other. Law and order is a good thing, here in America it not to hold back anyone from accomplishing there dreams it to keep things safe for everyone. If you want to live in America you need to agree with our laws. If you got citizenship congratulations to you and I wish you well. If you are here illegally then you need to make it right! Its not fare to the immigrant that went through all the proper steps to become legal you are taking their dream away. Everyone is subjected to there own option that is what makes this country great, but be warned if you hurt anybody you will have the system rain down on you so hard you wont know what hit you. That goes for everyone. Not everyone is a writer so to put down someone because they can’t write is wrong too.I for one suck at writing and I hate it, but I am very good at other things. Stop being a bigot and do what right!!

  250. Cc.S says:

    im Cc,and i was wondering:i came to the US when i was already 16,because my birthday is in January.does that mean i dont to the this new law???.im here for 10 years,no crimes at all,not ever arrested either.i finished high school but i cant attend college because im also waiting for working papers So i have no type of income.

  251. marinette says:


    I came to the states when I was 18 years old; I enrolled in college and am about to graduate with a B.S…. I believe I fulfill all requirements but the one about entering the country before 16 years old… is there any hope for me?
    thank you, so much, blessings!

  252. Abel g says:

    Hi i want to know if my kids apply they are in this country since 1 year old
    And now they are in high school one is 15 years old and the other one is 14
    But both are acttending to high school thanks .

  253. Oscar says:

    Thank you Rita Garcia!!

    I was referred to Rita Garcia for assistance with obtaining my work permit and be able to stay here legally. I had tried on my own to get a FREE ride like we always do. And i was denied.

    Rita Garcia was with me every step of the way….processing and reprocessing my file. She were always extremely professional, helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. These are definitely trying times in California and it is a very emotional and scary situation to be in and Rita Garcia made it easier for me. Through much hard work and effort on her part, She obtained an amazing opportunity for me! Thanks to Rita Garcia.



  254. Esau Hernandez says:

    So, I’m still in high school (12th grade). I have a good moral. I’m 17 years old at the moment. I was brought here into the U.S illegally on OCTOBER 12, 2007. Do I qualify for this act? I’ve been living on the U.S for five consecutive years as of OCTOBER 12, 2012. Do I qualify? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  255. denisse92675 says:

    October 22, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Question I’m about to go get everything started but

    I’m missing my high school diploma I some how

    misplaced it I have my highschool transcript and a

    certified sealed one do I still need my high school

    diploma as evidince ?

  256. Corina says:

    Rita Garcia, how can we have a consult with you or contact you? Im in need of advice and would like you assistance. My case is very very lengthly and complicated, but i have hope that the Dream Act could help me, as i consider myself a true DREAMER. I came to the US with my mom and sister from Lima, Peru April 5, 1990- I was just 8 yrs old. I went through high school, graduated college in 2001, then got my batchelors in 2006. I have a US Citizen daughter and husband. Speak perfect english, have never been in trouble with the law. I meet all the criteria except the fact that i tured 32 on April 14, 2012….just 2 months before the cut off date of June 15th! Is there any way that my case could be considered?
    I hope to hear from you! Thanks for all you are doing to help us.

  257. Eve2008 says:

    I have a friend who has been here since 1993 he is now 22 graduated has her high school diploma he has a felony for a “hit and run” will this automitically disqualify for the dream act? is there anything that can be done?

  258. Ivone says:

    For eve2008

    Try looking for a lawyer ot imigration lawyer who can do a set asidee its suppost to clear the record or something like dat weir doin it for mi brpther

  259. David Gonzales says:

    In my opiniion I would only give legalazation permission to students who will or have got a degree in a major…. but will not qualify for many of government benifets. The United States should not give full benefits like food stamps or unemploymnet to dreamers, only things such as educational help, etc. If you have not finished high school and are a parent you should get your past school records together and get yourself enrolled into atleast a GED program, but you as well should not qualify for government help only legalazation, your born US citizen children will only get the benefits. THe United States is not a place to just give out legal status for those that already live here as illegals, this country is for people who come here and want to play a follow things by the book. (by the law)

  260. Rita Garcia says:

    HiPlease contact me at 714-271-9575

  261. Rita Garcia says:

    My number is 714-271-9575 please call me to discuss.

  262. David Gonzales says:

    Rita Garica, this would be to discuss about the dream act or to discuss about your status in this country?

  263. Jamesbond says:

    This is really sad. First off some of you don’t understand how difficult it really is to get a visa in some of these countries. It’s really hard for some folks in some countries who are poor and earn low wages to qualify for one. Look, everyone sees America as the land of opportunity, everyone wants the chance to come here for a better life and you have no idea what it’s like living in poverty with no help from the government. All some of you do here is complain that illegals should go back to their country but how would you feel if you we’re walking in their shoes? Desperate people with no help but want a better life would brake some rules to get here, it’s not right, but you have to understand where they’re coming from. It’s tough being here undocumented but some of them just want a chance and a chance to be with their families. If you we’re born a Latino you would understand, but no, most of you are born Americans probably from decent wage earning families with this problem not hanging over your heads. America cannot be this selfish. Smh

    Yes they’ve broken laws but what would you do if you we’re in poverty in that situation, how would you act out of desperation for a better life?

    • Mex says:

      Its people like you that is causing our country to fail.Put your self in there shoes ……Give Me A Break put your self in an Americans shoes work hard paid taxes their hole life and cant collect the retirement or get health care from medicaid because there is no money left. People like you need to give up there wage to pay for illegals. ER cost are outrageous 1 day cost 25k this is all caused by the illegals.

  264. Rudy Tapia says:

    David Gonzales you are simple-minded and stupid.

    Mrs. Garcia is not going to argue with plain stupidity.
    You just as stubborn as a god-damn mule.

    Are you proud of your lack of intelligence???

  265. todd says:

    Im tired of all the sicknesses that the south American people are bringing here getting people sick when the US didn’t have to worry about it tired of the law if you are born on Americas soils you are a citizen no other country does it we the people in the US can’t live in south America with out knowing someone and making a pretty good amount of money why don’t all you south Americans and Mexicans you say you love your country overthrow your government there’s more of you then government take your countries back and pay the people a good wages

  266. Jamesbond says:

    It’s funny how some of you talk about breaking laws and what not but a lot of you break laws every single day. What about piracy and downloading copyrighted music, videos and even software to save on hundreds of dollars… If you don’t do it, I’m pretty sure someone close to you does, so before you go on about breaking laws and all, look at yourself first and make sure you’re not breaking any before make statements.

  267. bryan says:

    I was wondering I fame to the US when I was 5 and left the US in 2007 at age 11 but had 6 years of being here I Came back in 2010 and i now have 3 years with no crime records and attending school i don’t know if I qualify for this law

  268. liz says:

    Hey travis you are just stupid ignorant who has no education at all,I bet you,,you live in a white trash trailer park and I am sure your mother race you with welfare with food stamps ha,you are just a red neck ignorant who probably didn’t make it to school because I am a fucking illegal like you call us and my writing is better then your’s american boy yeahhhhh what a shame dude I am here laughing my ass so hard making fun of you because you are just a joke you should be lock up in a mental institution like my stupid red neck ex husband who ended in the crazy house and ended in a wheel chair paralyzed and with a amputated leg,yeah is call karma what goes around comes around you know???soon or later pathetic people like you pay there dues,trust me I seated and waited and it happened maybe is time for you to think is not the way you want grow up,and get a job like we all illegal aliens like you call us do,I have 3 jobs I pay taxes I live in a very nice house I rented and guess what,I drive a BMW ha ha no licenses but I afford it and I never asked any american for money or food like americans do asking for change you guys need a job to keep busy and not get your nose in our business,

  269. Tiffany says:

    Most of you people leaving comments on here are pretty stupid, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it. Racist, backward thinking fools running your mouths with no real moral sense of what the hell your saying. Not all Mexicans are bad and not all White people are bad, unfortunately most people in general ARE bad like you all have so expertly displayed on here. My husband has lived here since he was a year old. His parents brought him here illegally from Mexico and then took (in my opinion) a lot of short cuts and and mediocre attempts to make him a citizen, mostly not even following the rules set before them in regards to the case they opened for him to become a citizen so that when he was 18 he received a letter from the U.S. telling him he needed to leave and go back “HOME”. He went through the ENTIRE school system here from K-12 and worked since he was 15 years old at Mc’Donalds with a work permit trying to support himself. He is hard working and honest but because of someone else’s actions he now is a “criminal” in his own country which is America, THIS is HIS country. And every day him not being a citizen affects me (a “HORRIBLE WHITE” citizen) and our 16 month old daughter, and not even marrying him worked to make him a citizen. We are always in fear that something may happen to “daddy”. So there are a lot of people affected by this and it is so wrong to deny someone there REAL HOME (the country they know and grew up in) just because someone brought them here illegally. SO EVERYONE NEEDS TO OPEN THEIR MINDS OR CLOSE THEIR MOUTHS.

  270. Maria says:

    My niece was brought to USA before her 16 th bday. She enrolled to high school right away. She finishe and graduated. However before she entry USA she was caught by imigration services 2 times. She told imigration she was 18 because that’s what she was told when in reality she was 15. She got deportation for 10 years. Is there any hope she qualifies?

  271. The Truth Please says:

    For those Hispanic immigrants who have chosen to become productive members of the US, thank you. A concern of many Americans is the billions of dollars spent annually on the immigrants we see cruising our neighborhoods looking for things to steal, causing drunken accidents with us without insurance, populating our prisons, collecting welfare without contributing, etc… I caught a hispanic man teaching his son to urinate in public while surrounded by stores with bathrooms. A lot of the problem is a culturally reinforced expectation of quality of life. Many illegal immigrants carry their expectation of relative squalor and it frustrates those who prefer to have nicer surroundings and a higher quality of interaction and life in general. I, as an American, will promote a higher understanding of immigrant mentality to Americans and you (immigrants) promote a higher understanding of social evolution and a more productive lifestyle to immigrants. Deal?

  272. The Truth Please says:

    One more thing. Those who would assert an entitled sentiment in their argument for remaining in this country should review their own county’s policy regarding foreigners taking jobs. In Mexico, Americans who take jobs can be arrested and imprisoned. It is important, immigrants, to set a good example for your culture and country and obey the laws of the country you seek to inhabit – especially when that country is affording you an opportunity unavailable in your own country.

  273. Remember When says:

    I remember when I could leave my car windows down without worrying about theft. I remember when a summer job with a contractor didn’t require being bilingual. I remember when if I left my wallet at a store I could come back for it. I remember when traffic ran smoothly. I remember when car insurance wasn’t inflated due to uninsured motorist accidents. Yes, we were doing just fine before the mass immigration from mexico and now I can’t seem to go a day without being confronted by a few examples of how life is now worse after it. Immigrants and would be immigrants for God’s sake please do not detract from the American quality of life – please. Remember that you are leaving Mexico for a reason, don’t turn America into another Mexico. America can be a nice place to live again – please help.

    • Real American says:

      All the people who apply need to be rounded up and shipped off. If they show up again they need to be incarcerated.

  274. Remember When says:

    For those Hispanic immigrants who have chosen to become productive members of the US, thank you. A concern of many Americans is the billions of dollars spent annually on the immigrants we see cruising our neighborhoods looking for things to steal, causing drunken accidents with us without insurance, populating our prisons, collecting welfare without contributing, etc… I caught a hispanic man teaching his son to urinate in public while surrounded by stores with bathrooms. A lot of the problem is a culturally reinforced expectation of quality of life. Many illegal immigrants carry their expectation of relative squalor and it frustrates those who prefer to have nicer surroundings and a higher quality of interaction and life in general. I, as an American, will promote a higher understanding of immigrant mentality to Americans and you (immigrants) promote a higher understanding of social evolution and a more productive lifestyle to immigrants. Deal?
    One more thing. Those who would assert an entitled sentiment in their argument for remaining in this country should review their own county’s policy regarding foreigners taking jobs. In Mexico, Americans who take jobs can be arrested and imprisoned. It is important, immigrants, to set a good example for your culture and country and obey the laws of the country you seek to inhabit – especially when that country is affording you an opportunity unavailable in your own country.

  275. mary says:

    i hear all this drama and knowing that we need to cut back on all the violence in our and that knowing that mitt ronmey is going to be president upsets me and knowing i will have to go back to tennessee because he is winning votes in in florida and i hate see him win but knowing that every body is not going to have a job soon is going to be very bad and knowing that he needs to be discalfined for running for preisedent and knowing he is going to put everybody out of a job and make them homeless and knowing how many homless we there are in our world is very bad enough i cant stand to see poeple homeless epecally my dad andmy mom and my uncle chris. i hate seeing whats going on in our world.

  276. Stephan says:

    Hello Rita, I am 17 years old , and about ready to graduate highschool in may & I honestly have no idea how I am going to make it afer graduation. I was bought to the U.s at the age of 4 years old, by my cousin, and have gone to school here, all my life. Made honor roll throughout all of highschool right now with a gpa of 3.4. This is really stressing me out, I meet all the requirements for it as well. The problem is the money , My mother passed away, and my father, i have no idea what he even looks like. I have never seen him a day in my life. I pray every night that something works out for me. Looks like my only option is to go into the military. I had big plans when I was younger, always wanting to go to a BIG college to workout of videogame design etc. but as years went by I started to mature and realise that, theres almost nothing I can do at all. So here I am 6 months away from graduation. No papers. No license , No nothing. I’m basically just stuck. There is no income coming in so that I may apply for this dream act. & most of you probably think I’m hispanic, but actually I am black and was born in the country of haiti. I basically will be on my own , after 6 months , left without a clue. or anything. I ask anyone who can help me out, please . Even the slighest words of encouragment can help. Thanks alot for taking your time to sit and read this lenghty comment. it wasnot my intentions to put a sob story on this, but to tell my story, and how immigration laws make minors suffer. Even if it was not their desicions to come to this country. Any Advice, anything feel free to text or call me, my phone number is 732-800-6163 Thank you.

  277. TD says:

    I am 21 years old and currently, I am on Withholding of Removal. My parents brought me to the US when I was 11, I have already graduated high school and right now, I am a junior at a private liberal arts college. Do I still qualify for the Dream Act even though I am on withholding of removal?

  278. denisse92675 says:

    If anyone is interested in getting help that isn’t going to rip you wallets call Gloria villan she helped me with all my rpaper work and now I’m just waiting to get my biometrics she’s in Baldwin park ca I’m supper greatfull for her she’s supper helpfull …

    That’s the office number below

    (6 2 6) 814-4734

  279. Miranda says:

    Just an FYI to all the people who seem to think that America consists of nothing but white people on welfare, this is not a true statement at all. There are many races in this country that rely on welfare. Including Hispanics. I don’t have a problem with the Dream Act.I’m all about someone following their dreams. But don’t sit here and categorize all white people as “lazy white trash on welfare. We are NOT all the same!” I’m a white woman who works hard for EVERYTHING I have. I do it on my OWN, with no help from the government! I’ve been that person who worked TWO jobs just to make ends meet, and I didn’t complain about it because I knew that I needed to. You want to learn something? How about learning RESPECT.

  280. Help people says:


    Does this law apply to someone who has left that country and want to come back? Please help.

  281. Rita Garcia says:

    not if your are currently out of the Country.

  282. Katherine says:

    I have a question for Rita. I actually do apply for the permit. But my question is will I be able to use it to get into a university or trade school or any college besides using it to work ?

  283. Olga says:

    hi i have a question my boyfriend enter the aapplication right and we still waiting if they accepted him.so my question is if he gets accepted the plans we got its to get married next year and does he has to still go out of the counrty while he gets his paper or with that permition he could still stay here in the usa and getting his papers??

  284. taxpayer says:


    • ron says:

      i just came back from giving away food to the homeless and guess what all of them were whites and nige..rs, i wonder why cant they get a job???

  285. James says:

    I’m white and was born here so I’m basically screwed…but if I was an ILLEGAL ALIEN I’d be set…WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY!!! Lets reward ppl that should be her to begin with by providing them with greater education and citizenship. Way to send a strong message that “our” government isn’t gonna stand for law breakers!!!!

    • Real American says:

      I agree most of these people are scum. Come over to the tri state and see how much they value education. Running around in gangs nothing but filth these people are. My family has been here for 50 years, have family members who in the military. If they want to show devotion they should join the military and they will be given a citizenship for doing so.

  286. James says:

    That shouldn’t be here

  287. Tom says:

    There should be no immigration reform, without English being made the official language of the United States, and also every state goverment. I would have no problem with any reform law if Federal, State, and local governemnts only operated in English.

  288. Brenda Marquez says:

    Hello my name is brenda I was brought here
    When I was 3 years old I am. 19 I’m trying to go back and alist get my ged but everywhere I go they
    Ask me if I have. Pappers is there anyway I can get my ged I need help can someone help me

  289. Real American says:

    Please, they should have came here legally to begin with. This is a slap in the face of the real Americans who applied and waited their turn to come here. If these illegal people want citizenship they should join the army and prove they are willing to risk their lives for this nation and not just leach off of it.

  290. Diana says:

    I am so happy Obama Our new president wants to give us a opportunity for this dream act. & what i hate is when people start hating on us immigrants ? Whats the deal we are just here to work and have a better life. I am a highschool student and i was raised here i see no problem so stop trippin. well anyways my only question maybe someone can answer is that is this secure? what if i don’t qualify and i get deported ? i do not want that My son was born here and i do not want him to get raised to where i was born he speaks english and spanish and so do i and i understand its better being here then someone where else where we do not reconize well just someone please answer my question because i really want to keep studying and working and i love this new idea… please and thank you* God bless Obama and his family. -Diana

    • Kelsey says:

      And one more thing to those people crying about how people can be so hateful toward them. Let me paint you a picture. My husband works 12 hour days 7 days a week. He has to work so hard because we do not get anything for free like you immigrants do. Not only is he working his ass off to provide for his own family but he is also working his ass off to be taxed and give you free food, put your kids trough school and keep a fucking roof over you head and your 15 kids heads. Yes there are quite a few of us who are pretty ticked because I see my husband for 5 minutes in the morning before he leaves for work. I have a meal with my husband twice a year on thanksgiving and Christmas. But I’m thrilled you get to have a better life while my husband misses out on watching his son grow into a wonderful young man.

      • ron says:

        suck it up you stupid american girl, the reason why your husband is away all the time is because he has a nice foreign mistress that is nice to him and really gets it on with him and is not fat and ugly like you, he is tired of your bitching, demanding and complaining , get off your prescription pills better and get to the gym, and do yourself a favor keep your mouth shut!! it would wonders for you

  291. PANCHO says:

    i have a question,i come to us when im 15 almost 16 but i live with my brother,i never went to school when i turn to 16 start working, i can prove that and my brother too can prove with letter from work,i can still qualify for defered action.?

  292. Velvet says:

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  293. Sunny says:

    President Obama won the election! He is will likely pass the entire Dream Act, meaning those who sign up for Deferred Action will likely get a green card.

    There is nothing to fear now. Start as soon as possible to get your work permit, and eventually your green card.

    Call us for you free consultation. We will let you know if Deferred Action is the best immigration opportunity for you.

    If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 714-271-9575.

  294. Kelsey says:

    I find this utterly disgusting. Why are we allowing people who do not belong here to get an education? They are breaking the law by being here illegally so we are giving them a pat on the back and a degree?! This is bullshit! I am a white American having difficulty getting into classes I need because the people in “priority registration” (aka any foreigner with a child and no green card.) are filling up all the spots. Hey America here is a grand idea HELP THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY BELONG HERE!

    • Maja says:

      Not our fault we have better records & transcripts as well as probably do more for the community & society than one who is native to the country does.

  295. Raquel says:

    Hi I came to the US when I was 10 years old I graduated High school in 2007 with honors I went to community college for a year in 2009 cause I couldn’t afford more. I have the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) to be able to work and I have it since I was 14 or 15 I think. Do you think I’ll be able to qualify since I have the TPS. Would it be better than the TPS or no?

  296. kaitlyn says:

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  297. Jonathan says:

    Hello my name is Jonathan I’m 19 years old I graduated high school I left back to my country for 5 months and came back with a green card I have been living in the us ever since I was 6 and my plans next is to go to collage but I would want to know if the dream act could apply for me for citizenship cause it cause the illegal immigrants that are still living in the us gets it right away and not like me thAt I have clean record speak full English left the country voluntary and came back with a visa and got my citizenship I don’t care if I have to pay the money to get a us citizenship but at least it would be fare because I left before I was 18 back to Colombia and cameback when I was 18 missed 6 months of school and they screwed me over but thank god I graduated with a diploma not a GED and its hard for me to join military service because I try and study for the asvab but its so hard because I was out the us getting a green card and people don’t understand that and I have been living here 13 years my mother already can get a citizenship and my dad get able to get his next year but what could I do to get a citizenship faster then waiting 5 years without getting married but sucks if they give illegal alien citizenship without them doing a huge effort and going back to there countries it was hard for me because I been living in us for 13 and never been back also my education got seers over but I still mange to graduate with high school diploma it’s hard now cause my next step I want to be flight school but the only way to gain a citizenship is three the military but its hard because of the studying at this point I don’t know what to I would like to go to collage to get my basic done because I can’t seem to past the test and I’m happy to be back in the USA I’m grateful I have no record or anything bad and it’s just doing the right thing kind of back fired at me and would suck to just see people getting citizenship a without doing my process and waiting and if I still apply for the dream act I would go for it and join collage

    • chango says:

      first of all,,, is not a citizenship is just a work permit for those immigrants that was brought to the US when they were underage , who are here illegally that went or go to school and they have to become residents first ,but is a long way before residency cause they have to renew permit several times before . but if u have a residency already there is no way u can turn citizen any faster unless u serve the army or any military service for at least 3 years i think, than upon discharge u automatically become citizen,even if u are dead do to service .

  298. Amy says:

    Hello, my name is Amy and I’m 17. I’m just starting to apply to college and I need to be able to prove Florida residency. The thing is my parents don’t have legal residency in Florida so I’m classified as a non florida resident and will have to pay out of state tuition that is twice the amount of in state tution. I wanted to see if I’m able to qualify for the Dream Act if I am a US Citizen but my parents are not. I was born in the US and have lived in Florida ever since I was 6 years old. I went to elementary school in Florida and I am currently enrolled in a Florida highschool taking early college classes at St. Petersburg College. Plus I don’t have any criminal charges or records. Will I still qualify for the Dream Act if I’m already a US citizen, but I need to prove Florida residency? I’ll really appreciate it if someone could answer this question or if anyone could give me some more information on this Act.

  299. Sherille says:

    I have a question, My boyfriend has been in NYC for many years. His parents left him here in 2007. He came from Salvador. He been working comission jobs every since. He is not doing anything illegal except working and trying to enjoy life. I dont feel the dream act applies to him. Hes 28. Is there any advice on how I caN HELP HIM. iM JUST SCARED HES GOING TO GET DEPORTED AND I DONT WANT THAT.We been together for two years. Can someone help me? I need clear steps of what I should PLEASE HELP ME

  300. Ron says:

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  302. todd says:

    I have a friend that is a immigrant. He has been in ice for a while because of drug charges. While there he signed himself out of the country because he thought he was going to lose the case. However the charges got dropped. Now he wants to stay. Can he now stay in the us even though he originally signed himself out of the country?

  303. yadisyadi says:

    My husband he’s being here since 2006 and does not have any criminal records, I got married in 2011 . I’m a us citizen born and raised , I’m going.to enroll him for college 2013 spring .what can I start doing or ism I able to get his papers

  304. John Mason says:

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  307. Joe says:

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  308. Josh says:

    The real reason the government is giving out all of its money is so that we help out the less fortunate. This is so when you all die you can at least tell god that you gave your money to some poor immigrants because the way i see it everyone on this forum is going to hell for the disreguard for respect for one another. Everyone in this world has let so much hate into there lives which was Lucifers plan all along and everyone doesn’t relize this and when the apocalypse comes to pass what will god judge upon you?

  309. david says:

    hi ive been here since 2001 and came in with my visa but my visa currently expired but i been living here since then. i graduated elementary, middle school and high school i also got in trouble when i was 16 with the law but never got deported. i went to college but can i still apply for the dream act ? and would they approve it ?

  310. Maja says:

    I just turned 17 a few weeks ago. I was brought here when I was only a year old. I grew up here and have went to school all my life in SC. However, I did go to Mexico for two years. I attended my 5th and 6th grade year of intermediate school there, and came back in perfect timing to begin middle school (early August of 2007). I’m not a citizen or resident. My visa has expired. I’m currently a junior In high school and graduating (hs) in 2014, but am in the top 5% of my graduating class right now. I also have no criminal record. I just don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m not able to apply for colleges here, I want to soooooo badly further my education & get my degree in this country, considering the fact that it has some of the best academic and athletic wise universities & colleges. Ive been working very hard to apply and get into where i want too, and knowing that i wont be able to as of right now, drives me crazy! I don’t even qualify for the majority of scholarships as well as even being able to apply for federal student loans due to the fact that I am not a citizen. I think i do qualify for everything the Dream Act requires, except for being here 5 consecutive years prior to the bill passing..? Does this mean I’m going to have to wait? Is it even guaranteed if I do? Has the bill even passed? Will it take too long? Please someone help! I am so stressed & confused!! Everything feels pointless right now!!

  311. YAris says:

    I think that all those people who think that immigrants come here to take there jobs , and worrying in things they shouldnt worry or stress about! Get a job and stop the hating over immigrants ! There so much hate when the immigrants come here to work and provide there families , and also provides the americans with the food they eat , i dont see white people in the field working there ass off like they do and yall still got the nerves to talk crap! Like seriously shut up all those haters! GOd is gud and his doing what its best for this nation and all those immigrants because “Mexicans ” arent the only immigrants get that in your heads!! if yall people dnt have nothing nice to say dnt open your mouths! Geat educated first and go find a job and stop bieng in other people business ! god bless all the Dreamers !!!!!!!!!!!! We got this ! weather you like it or not!

  312. Helping a Friend says:

    I have a question. A friend of mine came to this country illegally over 15 years ago. When he came he obtained a license using a different name than his. Years later he obtained a license with his real name and a green card. Back in October he had to go to DMV and straighten out this mess. He would like to get his citizenship and is scheduled to take the test in January.

    Question: Can he be deported for this? Can he go to jail for this?

    Thank you all for your response!
    Peace, Love & Light

  313. Rita Garcia says:

    To all the Dreamers that have contacted my office and are married to a U.S. Citizen.
    The USCIS has recently posted a proposed rule on March 30, 2012. It proposes to allow aliens in the United States to apply for I-601 Waivers while in the United States. Previously, in order to obtain an immigrant visa, these waivers needed to be filed at the US Consulate in the foreign country. Until the waiver was adjudicated and approved by the USCIS in the USA, the consulate could not move forward with further immigrant visa process. Obviously, this meant that the alien had to spend a long time in the foreign country separated from his or her spouse and children. The proposed USCIS I-601 Waiver process alleviates that problem somewhat by permitting the applicant to file a waiver with the USCIS in the United States while they are still in the USA. If the waiver is approved, then the alien can proceed to the foreign country and have the visa interview at the US consulate in that country. This will reduce the wait outside the United States from a minimum of several months to perhaps just a few weeks. Please contact me for any additional questions Rita Garcia 714-271-9575.

  314. john mason army veteran says:

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  315. sergio ayala says:

    im in shcool and i mist more than 3 days of school i just got truancy is that going to affect me on the dream act?

  316. sergio says:

    i have a big question. so i kind of skipped the last 2 hrs of school and they gave me truancy will that affect me even though im not skipping no more?

  317. Carol says:

    My boyfriend is 39 years old. He came to the US on a tourist visa 15 years ago. He stayed here ever since. He graduated high school in Mexico. He attends college in the US. No criminal history. His oldest child is near the end of his dream act application. He has 2 US born children. He sees his children often. The youngest is 10. What is the best route to seeking citizenship?

  318. Abby says:

    If they get a wok permit but leave college after a semester will they lose it? It seems wrong to let them keep it.

  319. gizzy says:

    my personal thoughts about this dream act is that we dont need any more people in the united states!!! with the economy the way it is its already hard for legal citizens to find jobs. why are we coming up with more laws that promises the illegal immigrants the the right to work. i personally think that we should get rid of them and send them back to their countries. it is not fair for them to take our rights as natural born citizens. there’s a lot of immigrants i know that make good money and don’t pay taxes and yet get government help because they LIE!!! and they get away with it they also find a way to claim taxes because like i said they LIE… its not fair that they’re the ones the government helps the most. we just need them out of the country!!!

  320. rosa says:

    hi, i have a question. Well i submited the application the very few days it was sopposed to be submited. I got the letter respond in about a month from that time saying they got the application and also the case number. few weeks later i got the appointment for the finger prints. it has past almost 2 0r so months and i havent heard anything. my friend who submited the aplication about the same time as me got rejected and my other friendwho submited it after me got approved so i was wondering what happend to mine? i tryied calling and they didnt really answer my quiestion or follow my case online but nothing has change.

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